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No heart bleed for us!

The latest security threat doing the rounds is the Heartbleed bug, a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library. OpenSSL is used by majority of the sites on the Internet to transmit sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers in a secure manner. The flaw makes it possible for hackers to trick systems into sending […]

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wooCommerce Shipping Options

Shipping is one of the key aspects of any eCommerce store. Even while setting up your wooCommerce store, it is very important to have the right shipping strategy in place. In our earlier tutorial Getting Started with wooCommerce we learnt how to setup a complete eCommerce store using the wooCommerce plugin. With this tutorial, we […]

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All about wooCommerce Products

In the tutorial Getting Started with wooCommerce we learnt all about adding a simple product. As the name suggests, a simple product is the one that has no options, like a box of chocolates. But wooCommerce doesn’t limit you at this. It provides a many other product types that give you lot flexibility while creating […]

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Tracking, Analytics, and Customization using wooCommerce

Apart from providing you the flexibility of configuring a host of options, wooCommerce also includes excellent tracking tools. You can track orders, manage coupons, and view detailed reports. You can track all the orders from the Orders page on your dashboard. You also have the option of viewing reports based on orders, customers, stocks, and […]

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Configuring the wooCommerce plugin

wooCommerce organizes it settings under 7 different tabs making it an exhaustive list. This is only to give you all the flexibility while creating a site. To begin with, however, you don’t need to worry about them all. Most of the default values work perfectly well. wooCommerce’s settings are easy to understand at the very […]

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