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How To Start Protecting
Your WordPress Website
For Just $1

If you’re reading this page, it means you’ve qualified for a special offer from BlogVault.

For the next 4 days, you can begin protecting your website for just $1.

Simply select the number of websites you want to protect above, and confirm your payment details. The first month will cost just $1, giving you 30 daily back-ups.

(Plus, you’ll get unlimited Real Time Back-ups if you’re a WooCommerce user).

If you like how easy, stress free, and simple your back-ups are with BlogVault, there’s nothing else to do.

At the end of your $1 month, we’ll simply charge you the normal monthly fee.

And if you’d like to cancel this small payment before becoming a monthly member, simply contact us and we’ll stop your back-ups. It’s that simple.

What makes BlogVault Unique?

Develop your site the way you’ve always wanted to. Update without breaking live site.

Automated workflows that ensure everything you ever wanted is only a click away.

When your site crashes, we are here for you. BlogVault is your safety net.

An agile & responsive Customer Support that caters to everyone equally.

Why Choose BlogVault?

Complete and Automatic Website Backups
Backups are the safety net your website falls back to when your website is hacked. Complete WordPress backups enable complete website recovery.

Self Validated Backups
BlogVault verifies all backup versions for you. Powered by BlogVault’s powerful backup service, you can access your WordPress backups whenever you need them on our Dashboard.

Backups that are Always Available
Access all your Encrypted backups stored independently off-site whenever you need them for the Best of Complete WordPress Website Security

Smart Incremental Backups
Save your storage and server resources with our Advanced Incremental Backup syncing.

Create a Staging Site For Free
Test plugin or theme updates, or check out your website with that new theme you always wanted to try with BlogVault Staging!

Merge Changes To Live Site
Push the changes you want on your live site, from the staging site, at no extra cost!

Fastest Website Recovery
All it takes is One-Click to get you back to business. Recover your whole site anytime with the incredible BlogVault WordPress backup service.

One-Click Migration to 5,000+ Web Hosts
Whether it is a hosting issue or a server crash, BlogVault’s got your back. Change web hosts in a jiffy with our migration services, at no extra cost.

Powerful Security Powered by MalCare
Optimize Your WebSite’s Protection With MalCare’s Comprehensive, Automatic and Instantaneous Malware protection

Scan, Clean and Protect your Website
Scan your site with 100+ Intelligent signals to accurately identify exact malware location. Clean your website completely without risking human errors. Our Firewall and Login protection system will block all bots or hackers or other external threats.

New Gen Complete Website Management
Managing all your WordPress sites on your own can be a huge time-drain for you and your business. Save time, energy and money while we keep your website updated.

Configure Website Hardening In a Breeze
Reduce the risk of being attacked by hackers or bots or anything else, by protecting your website backend.

Nurture your website by building lasting relationships with your clients. Display website details and stats to Clients with Your Brand and Logo on our product.

Out of the Box Client Reporting
Share detailed and elegant website reports with your clients. BlogVault takes one more task off the list for you, letting you focus on growing your business.

Amos Struck (Stock Photo Press Magazines) | ★★★★★
“(BlogVault) saved two of my blogs, twice and I even use it to move sites from one server to another. I have never been let down by it.”

Jo Waltham (Callia Web) | ★★★★★
“The fab team at BlogVault have introduced staging and I got to update a site that’s not been updated in 12 months, safely.”

Sumo-Ling (AppSumo) | ★★★★★
“My five star review is for the clean UI and the BlogVault backup offer that literally just saved my day…I’d like to mention that the BlogVault backup offer also includes the staging site area, which I’m using a lot.”

WeDevs | ★★★★★
“There is no doubt that security and backup are very important for any website. A minor breach of your site can break down everything you have been doing for a good amount of time. So, this serious issue should not be overlooked. If you agree, then you must consider having a strong security system and also a good backup process for your WordPress site. BlogVault can become your shield when you are facing security issues and also when you need backup features.