WordPress Backup Service

blogVault backs up WordPress sites. So you can restore them at will, test your back ups, and even move servers…

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  • Migration

    Migrate Sites

    No messy config files! Migrate your WordPress site/blog with ease!

  • Auto Restore

    Auto Restore

    Restore your backed up data with ease, in minutes. After all, a backup is only as good as it's restore!

  • Test Restore

    Test Restore

    Don’t you want to check if your WordPress site has actually and completely been backed up?

  • Complete Security

    Highly Secure

    As secure as it gets! blogVault maintains multiple copies in highly secure offsite locations.

  • History

    Backup History

    Time travel with Ease! blogVault maintains 30 day history of your backups.

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“As a web designer, I use blogVault to backup and migrate all client sites. It's a life raft I can't live without. The services are phenomenal, the dashboard and functions are easy to use, but what really continues to stand out to me is the customer support. Absolutely unparalleled. I don't have other back up services to compare blogVault to, and I never will. I am, without a doubt, a customer for life :)”

Megan Gray Megan Gray House of Grays

“I use blogVault to back up a couple of my business blogs and what stands out the most is the customer service....if your site crashes, then you are closed. You can't communicate with prospects, close deals or handle customer service issues. The stability of your site is critical - and a tool like blogVault can ensure the strength of your Web site and your business.”

Bryan Bryan Haines About.com guide to Hosting/Online Business

“Your services are quite stunning, your support on the other hand is magnificent. Thanks for all your help so far. Keep it Up.”

Evan Varamis Evan Varsamis Founder, Smoking Designers

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