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Automatic Daily Backups

One-click Site Restoration


Automatic Daily Scans

One-click Malware Removal


Perform Updates

Manage User Roles


Staging on BlogVault

One-Click Setup


Zero Downtime

One-click Migrations

Why Do You Need Backup & Security For WordPress

Hosting Issues


Incompatible Plugins/Themes

Human Errors

Natural Disasters

Storage Issues

Server Crashes


Powerful WordPress Security Simplified

Daily Automatic Scans

Our intelligent scanner flags only confirmed instances of malware and even detects complex hacks... Now, you can bid goodbye to false alerts!

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One-click Malware Removal

This powerful malware removal tool allows you to remove only the malware without altering any files. It does it all with a single click too!

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Hardening Site Security

Opt in to ‘Secure Site’ settings with a single click; reduce the risk of attacks before they happen. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

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WordPress Backup & Restore Has Never Been Easier

Zero Configuration Setup

Simply subscribe and sign in. That’s it!
BlogVault automatically starts syncing your site… Does it get any easier?

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Restore WordPress In One-click

You can rollback your site to any point with only one click! With 365 days of backups so you will always find the right option.

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Setup staging on our servers and Test updates, changes, and develop your site safely, without worries. Also, it only takes one click!

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Keep Your Site Up To Date

Keep Track of Updates

See a list of plugins, themes & WordPress Core when an update is available.

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Perform Updates

Update plugins, themes and even WordPress Core with a single click, from a single place; right from the BlogVault dashboard

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Manage User Roles

You can see and update user roles easily. Regulate access to your site efficiently.

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You'll Love BlogVault

One site or many, freelancer or an enterprise, BlogVault is for you…
Secure & manage all your site from one powerful & beautiful dashboard!

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One-click Operations

Malware scanning and backups are daily automatic operations.
You can complete all other operations in only one-click. A truly easy solution!

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Collaboration Is Fun

Add team members to your BlogVault account at no extra charge.
Make collaboration pain-free and productive!

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Why You Should Choose BlogVault

As a web designer, I use BlogVault to backup and migrate all client sites. It's a life raft I can't live without. The services are phenomenal, the dashboard and functions are easy to use, but what really continues to stand out to me is the customer support. Absolutely unparalleled. I don't have other back up services to compare BlogVault to, and I never will. I am, without a doubt, a customer for life ????

Megan Gray

House of Grays

I use BlogVault to back up a couple of my business blogs and what stands out the most is the customer service... if your site crashes, then you are closed. You can't communicate with prospects, close deals or handle customer service issues. The stability of your site is critical– and a tool like BlogVault can ensure the strength of your web site and your business.

Bryan Haines


After I tried several expensive backup solutions and useless plugins, I found BlogVault. It saved two of my blogs, twice and I even use it to move sites from one server to another. I also love the test-restore feature– it saves lots of time. The service is outstanding and always willing to assist. Keep going BlogVault!

Amos Struck

Stock Photo Press Magazine

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