Why a Real-time WooCommerce Backup Solution Is Important For WooCommerce Sites?

Oct 27, 2017

Why a Real-time WooCommerce Backup Solution Is Important For WooCommerce Sites?

Oct 27, 2017

Real-Time Woocommerce Backup Solution - BlogVault

Backup is an intimidating word, that is what I would say. You might think that it’s just a waste of time squandered on manual procedures including databases and FTP registries. It’s a myth if you believe that taking Backups are a waste of time. Thanks to the latest plugins, it has made things easier and quicker to take backups and reestablish them if the need emerges and that includes WooCommerce.

Before we move to understand how to take backups and manage them, and how to utilize backups in case of a crisis, let’s understand what Woocommerce is…


What is WooCommerce in WordPress?

WooCommerce a free WordPress plugin allows you to sell and provide services for your site which gives you access to extra features and paid add-ons.

Whilst the plugin is affordable and allows you to control your data completely, WooCommerce also supports your cell phones and is adaptable for your websites.

With endless flexibility and access to many free and premium WordPress Extensions, WooCommerce at present controls 30% of all the online stores contrasted in different stages.

The Importance of Real-time WooCommerce Backup Solution

Losing a solitary order plays a significant role in a huge money related expenses for online stores. Whilst the online stores do not confine the business hours as the window is open 24/7, various scenarios can damage your revenue. And for this situation, the answer is the Real-time Backup For WooCommerce Sites. At the same time, you should know what it is that you’re joining.

Regardless of all the safety efforts you take, having a good backup plan always plays an important role in an online store’s methodology to shield requests, installments, and other information.

The e-commerce business has seen a vast growth in the past years and continues to do so. With the expanding ubiquity of WordPress, it wouldn’t have been long until the major weapons meetup. Today WooCommerce is one of most prevalent WordPress online business plugins. It gives an intense platform to construct business sites online right from the beginning without any help from outside. You can also change your current WordPress locales in a booming online business. When you set up your WooCommerce site, you can sell various products.


What role does a Backup play in WooCommerce?

For an e-commerce site, the most important part is the orders. Customers place orders to buy products from your online store. More the orders, more the revenue. This is where the orders play a crucial role for your online business.

Your site is your gateway to the outside world, an outage causes extensive damage. So, if your site gets crashed then you lose the orders and this will affect your revenue. Also, this will cause a damage to your brand image. While it’ll consume a lot of time to recover from a disaster and this is when you feel the importance of a backup. Henceforth, it’s crucial to have a reliable and a Real-Time WooCommerce Backup Solution for any online business.

Whilst regular backups start at a fixed interval, this won’t suffice for a WooCommerce site as the orders are placed all through the day. To ensure that every order is backed up as soon as it is placed. Keeping the orders placing aside, it is also important to take backup of the other parts of the site. It consumes a lot of time to set up the stores catalog product as it plays an important role in online campaigns and email marketing tools which boost sales. So taking a backup is always an advantage than regret for the loss of data and time.


Why do you need a WooCommerce Backup?

  1. As an e-commerce site which consists a lot of a customer data, it’s an easy target for the hackers. So to avoid from Hackers who inject several malicious kinds of stuff that puts your website down.
  2. Technology Failure. Who isn’t in love with technology? Things can break when you compromise with outdated versions. It can go out of control just like your server failure at your hosting company.  
  3. Manual risks. While technology can put you at risk, we can’t completely blame them. Human errors are more often than sites more risks. Neglecting to update the latest version of WordPress or the plugins and themes that are installed on your site can you leave vulnerable. You hit a wrong button can lead to deleting your site.

In such cases, you can lose your complete site. And don’t you think you need a backup here?


What do you need to do to create a WooCommerce Backup Plan?

Ok… So what do you need to do get a WooCommerce backup plan?  Well, what do you have to include in your backup plan? Ensure that your backup plan like BlogVault allow you to restore your entire WooCommerce store to the way it was before any kind of failure or loss. The backups have to be done frequently so that you don’t lose any orders.


Include these tactics for a solid WooCommerce backup plan,

  1. A complete WordPress Website Backup. This should include all the files like directories, themes, plugins and all the important files. This will be helpful while restoring your website post website crash or any threats that affect your site.  
  2. A scheduled and an automatic backup for WordPress has to be done frequently and your backup has to be consistent. As your regular website has to be updated more often, the backup has to be done even after you add new products on a daily basis. As an e-commerce site doesn’t want to lose orders, get a step ahead real-time backup is the way to go.
  3. Have multiple locations to store your backup files. The importance of having an off-site Backup File Storage is incredible and is a safe solution.
  4. A WordPress Backup and Restore is an absolute necessity. Backups enable you to restore your site in the event that something turns out badly. In any case, restoring WordPress from a Backup document isn’t simple for beginners.


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How to Install Woocommerce in WordPress?

You already have a site and looking for a site to install WooCommerce, you can use the WordPress Admin as it is the easiest option. This will handle everything for you.


Follow the below steps to install WooCommerce:

  1. Log into your WordPress site.
  2. Go to: Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for ‘WooCommerce’.
  4. Choose “Install Now”.
  5. Click on “Activate Now” and there you go with the WooCommerce.


How does BlogVault prove that it is the complete Real-Time WooCommerce Backup?

BlogVault gives an entire Backup Solution for your WooCommerce websites. Apart from taking backups for the standard tables, it also handles updates to custom WooCommerce tables as well. Likewise, as BlogVault initiates a backup every time, it just works with the changes that have been made on your web page.

This guarantees that none of the information is lost even after reestablishing your site. As a result of Incremental Backup,  BlogVault assists 100% backup solution for Data and optimal usage of space.

At the same time, if your backup solution does not take backup of WooCommerce tables also, then it isn’t a practical choice for e-commerce sites.

This why I trust BlogVault as the ideal approach to take backup for your WordPress webpage.


Pros of taking backup of WooCommerce site with Blogvault

An amazing Backup solution upgrades between the assets expended and its effectiveness. With BlogVault’s frequent backups you can trust on the following advantages:

  1. Reduction in loss of Data.
  2. Provides options for multiple backup variants to test and restore.
  3. Needs slightest tinkering once reestablished and updates have to be made to themes and plugins that can be restored.


How to take backup of WooCommerce website with BlogVault?

A backup for your business site is always a good plan. A WordPress backup plugin like BlogVault can deal with the hard work. BlogVault that has top features like Real-time WordPress backup, Easy-to-use with the most relied on migrations tool to any URL or web host will ensure that everything is working.

Once you have installed BlogVault as your backup solution as the important part of your WooCommerce backup strategy, make sure that you configure your automatic WordPress backup schedules. For e-commerce websites that are more active, you’ll have to run a frequent database WordPress backups to ensure you’re catching sales data.

Make sure that you also have an offsite backup storage solution as BlogVault helps you to store your data and all the files in Amazon and Dropbox. BlogVault will send you a notification if something goes wrong. So do take those notifications seriously and fix the errors immediately.



A regular backup of your WooCommerce store ought to be your best need. Regardless of how secure your web facilitating server is, you ought to dependably have a backup with you. Finding and settling a hacked site can be tedious; however restoring to the most stable adaptation is a handy solution.

As we probably are aware the significance of backups guarantee that you have a solution that gives free backups from the minute you dispatch your server.

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