About the Juice & Co. Theme

Nov 16, 2015

About the Juice & Co. Theme

Nov 16, 2015

With restaurants opening on every street corner and their numbers rapidly growing, today, gaining a foothold in the food industry has become that much more difficult. Seeing how much time people spend on the internet, as an owner of a small food business, having a great website that showcases your food is a must. The Juice Co.WordPress theme by PixelCake is just the boost you need to take your blog to the next level.


Catering specifically to the niche of small food businesses, the Juice & Co. theme allows you to tell your story in a clean and classic manner. It offers various post formats such as standard, gallery, quote, video and slider post. The theme lets you choose between three different styles of menu for your restaurant or store, namely accordion style, shuffle style and tab style. It also offers three different navigation menus: always hamburger, two level menu and single level menu.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Having mouth-watering photos of food on your blog is sure to gain your reader’s attention in no time at all, but it might not always be possible to put up amazing photos. One of the major problems faced by small businesses has been found to be the mediocre quality of their product photographs – it’s not bad, but it isn’t eye-catching either. In such a case, it is advisable to stick to just the content, sans photos. The Juice & Co. theme lets you choose if you want to feature photos in your blog or not.

Juice&Co blog layout without photo

A simple yet elegant blog layout offered by the Juice & Co. theme which does not contain any photos

The Juice & Co. theme provides 4 design options, which are: a full-width design, a sidebar design, a grid 3 columns design and a grid 2 columns with sidebar design. It also provides a flexible contact form by making use of the Contact Form 7 plugin. Juice & Co. is easy to use, and almost all of its settings can be managed through the WordPress customizer. It uses a simple slider with CSS3 for its home and slider shortcode.

The Juice & Co. theme is extremely adaptable, and can be used to build recipe pages, menus, and so much more! The highlight of the theme is the fact that unlike other themes, where content often gets lost while migrating to a new theme, migrating from Juice & Co. to another theme does not cause any loss of content. So you can rest assured that if you ever want to go experimenting with different themes down the line, your content will stay safe. This versatile and easy-to-use WordPress theme is available online at the Mojo Marketplace for a one time fee of $49. Do check it out!

Before making a big change like using a new theme, do remember to keep your site completely backed up using BlogVault!

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