How to use Advanced Search Feature in BlogVault

Explore BlogVault like never before.

BlogVault lets you backup any number of sites, as a premier WordPress backup plugin. Advanced Search feature makes keeping track of all the different sites and performing actions on all them easy. Read on to know, how exactly to go about it.


Here’s how Advanced Search works.

Log in to your BlogVault account. Right above all the website listings on your Site Page, you can see a Search bar. Next to it, is the Advanced Search option. Click on it.
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Search fields

It will take you to a new page. Here, you can select a site or plugin or theme name. Select the version of your selection from the drop-down menu and specify the version number. In the case of user or tags you just have to mention the corresponding terms. These are keywords. Now click on the Search button.
You can use punctuation, parentheses, connect colons, wildcard operators and Boolean operators to search, just like in Google search, as well.


Use cases:

Let us see when you might be in need of the Advanced Search feature

1. When you want to make changes to a website, you type it in the first field called Site Title/ URL.

2. When a plugin in your websites is to be modified, type the name of the plugin in the second field called Plugin name.

3.  If it a theme that requires changing across all your websites must be altered, use the third field called Theme name below.
Indicate the versions, as explained above.

4. If you want to change the access permissions of a user in your team, then you can name them in the User field to view all the websites they were on.

5. You can also have a look at your websites grouped according to the tags you have given them locally within BlogVault.


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In the following image, we are using the BlogVault plugin as an option. Once the correct entries are made, we click on Search button.


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Back in the Sites Page, have a look at the websites listed. They should be consistent with your search terms.As you can see, the Search bar now displays our search query language containing your keywords.Using the Bulk Actions drop-down menu below the Search bar, you can perform your required action.

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If you have no sites which are relevant to your search results, then you will not be able to see any sites in the site listings. The message will read No sites found.

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Check out the demo video


To recap:

1.Click on Advanced Search.
2.Enter specific search criteria in one or more of the Advanced Search fields.
3.Click Search to view a list of websites that match your search criteria.
4.Review the list of search results and find the website you are looking for.


Try out the Advanced Search feature now from your dashboard here.

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