As an avid reader of books and various articles both in newspapers and online I have always had the urge to test my writing skills. The usage of jargons and the blend of sophisticated words that the authors achieved with their articles always enticed me. I wanted to start with a blog of my own and so went about researching the requirements to start a blog and the whats and hows of blogging. After talking to several blogging enthusiasts I came to know that or are the different websites that break the entry barrier for an individual to blogging. Though I don’t understand much about the technicalities that go behind building a blog and making it attractive for users to read I realised or are not much help in terms of their GUI, themes and plug-in support etc. I turned to my friend Akshat Choudhary for help and he suggested I go for WordPress based blogs which with a very intelligently designed code enhance the look and feel of your website.
I had to know what WordPress will do for me and so followed up on it. I went through the book ‘WordPress for Dummies’ by Lisa Sabin-Wilson for a start and then supported the knowledge by going through articles on the web. I started with WordPress tutorials on and then went through different articles posted on and For a person who is passionate about blogging and wants to maintain an online diary WordPress will provide the best interface through which you could connect to your readers. Today, WordPress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world being used by millions of websites with tens of millions of views everyday. The best thing about WordPress is that it is an Open Source project which can be used by anyone over the web which means you can use it for anything be it your personal diary, your travel accounts or your views on any subject for that matter. Some of the features offered by WordPress are private and password protected posts, easy importing, installation and upgrades, a full themes system, multiple authors, spam protection and intelligent text formatting. So, ‘WordPress is only limited by your imagination’.

An Introduction to WordPress

Now that your blog is ready you would want to ensure its longevity, right? Malware, spam and crashes are the nighmares of any successful blogger but with which backs and secures your WordPress site you can put your worries aside. It not only says it backs your blog but also shows where your blog has been backed and secured through its unique Test-Restore feature.
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