Backing up non-WordPress folders using BlogVault

The blogVault plugin backs up all the standard WordPress folders (wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content) by default, and skips the rest. However, if there is a special non-WordPress folder that you’d like to include during backup, there is way to do that too. In this article, we will look at how you can backup your non-WordPress folders using blogVault.

Let’s say I have a folder my_files in my root directory that contains a couple of videos and other files. When blogVault schedules daily backup for my site, this folder will be skipped and same is notified on the dashboard by marking the file(s)/ folder(s) in red. If you want blogVault to include any of the skipped file(s)/ folder(s) as part of the backup schedule, check the appropriate name and click Add to Backup. Once this is done, you can either wait for blogVault to include the skipped content in the next scheduled backup, or initiate a backup immediately using Backup Now.

That’s it. The process is really that simple. Just a click of a button and you can be rest assured that your data is completely safe.

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