Backup Restore Test
from 365 days of backup archive

Create an Exact Replica of a Backup version on BlogVault servers to test its Functionality.

Spot the change that broke your site with Backup Restore Test

Backup restore testing your backups, plugins, and themes

Update plugins and themes, Install new plugins and themes, Update WordPress core and Develop Site on the backup system to ensure everything is in working order.

Data Management

Test backup with BlogVault storage managers handling your website production database backup testing.

Real-time Alerts

Stay updated and keep track of testing backup process from the BlogVault dashboard.

Check Backup History

Check all backup and restore procedures for all individual files. Now you can successfully  work out a recovery plan via test restoring.

365 Days of Backup Archive

Choose backup versions to test from the organized Backup Archives containing up to 365 Days of backups.


Organized Backup Archive

Data backed up and data restored is all detailed as metadata in Blogvault archive’s file system.


Safe website Backup and Recovery Test

Your website’s data backup should always be prepared for disaster recovery via recovery testing backup. BlogVault backup software makes sure to check the boxes of best storage management and data management systems practices.


Disaster Recovery Plan

Prevent data loss even in case of a data center failure with a foolproof backup restore test plan.

Encrypted data protection & offline storage

BlogVault recovery software system restore technique has restoration tests allowing a quick backup execution on BlogVault backup server.

Can’t Decide Between Two Backups?

​Take the two backup versions out for a spin, at the same time, and see how they work! In fact, you can use multiple test sites to run different backup versions. Check all of them and choose to restore the backup version you prefer.

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Backup Restore Test Plugin FAQ

What's BlogVault's backup procedures like?

Please see How do I backup?

How to test backups?

Testing backup-and-restore procedures are easy with BlogVault. Please see How do I validate or test restore my backups?

Does BlogVault follow safe testing backups best practices?


What's BlogVault's backup and recovery procedures like?
How to do a Backup Restore Test using BlogVault?

BlogVault’s backup testing procedure is simple, effective and, speedy. Please see How do I validate or test restore my backups?

Does BlogVault enable periodic backup testing?