Bengaluru WordPress Organizes Meetup to Discuss WP Themes

Jul 27, 2016

Bengaluru WordPress Organizes Meetup to Discuss WP Themes

Jul 27, 2016

Photo Credit: Sandeep Kelvadi

Photo Credit: Sandeep Kelvadi

After a considerable break, Bengaluru WordPress– the official WordPress meetup group in the city, met last Saturday- 23 June 2016.

Just a general shout out to all who are a part of WP community in the city: Bengaluru does have a WP meetup and you are welcome join.

At BlogVault, we’ve been actively involved in organizing the meetup group; along with being a venue sponsor, and with Bengaluru WP community in general. We were excited to gather again with the community.

The meetup was organized by Sandeep Kelvadi, Pixelmattic, and was attended by a good mix of people in different ways. Hardcore developers, amateur developers, WordPress plugin developers (like ourselves), enthusiasts, and newcomers; both to the WP platform and meetups, made up the group.


WordPress Themes: How to build a WordPress theme, the right way

Keeping the mix of people in mind, the topic was generally to do with an aspect of WP that almost everyone would have interacted with in some fashion or the other- WordPress Themes. As Sandeep put it, “We’ve all either developed a theme from scratch, customized a commercial theme, or downloaded and installed a free one.”

Along with this, the meetup was modeled on the model to encourage participation. Taking off from here some talking points and discussion developed organically. Points touched upon were:

  • Various options available today to build a theme
  • Child themes
  • functions.php in theme.
  • Page builder: Boon or Bane
  • WordPress theme guidelines
  • Design considerations
  • Contributing back to community

Additional points that grew from the discussion::

  • The state of marketplaces for themes
  • Building a theme from scratch vs using a template/page builders: use contexts for both?
  • The scope for translations into Indian languages

A key concern raised during the meeting were to ensure that themes do not become a burden for the end user. With this is in mind the points that were raised during the discussion were:

  • It is important that only theme specific functionalities should go in theme’s functions.php, whereas site-level customizations should be made using plugins.
  • Only developers should be in-charge of making changes to a parent theme. Clients can work with child themes. Child themes may slow the loading time of the site.
  • The debate of market places for WordPress themes saturating vs the growing scope for India specific WP theme marketplaces being huge was touched upon too.
    One idea mentioned by Sandeep; as an example, in this regard was a plugin to account for the changing rates of goods and services on e-commerce sites after the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax.

Along with these some other points were discussed and the lean coffee model seemed to have done the trick as it encouraged most people present to contribute to the discussion.

The meetup ended with renewed commitment to develop more active participation and grow the WP community in Bengaluru into a more visibly active and organized force.

Being the unofficial tech hub of the country, Bengaluru has an array of people from different domains working with WordPress. These may range from developers/agencies who work solely with WP to others who work with WP only as a part of the range of services they offer. There are also many who may have started out as enthusiasts and carved out careers from it. Apart from this end users like bloggers, & the business community are also part of this community.

Organizing to provide a focus point for people from all these walks of life to network, share, learn and grow can only be a good thing. The group decided the third Saturday of every month as the official meetup day. To know more and join the group go Bengaluru WordPress at See you all at future meetups.

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