best security plugins for WordPress

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Okay so 2017 is saying goodbye and the footprints of the new year are eager to come to our world, let’s welcome this in the internet world as well. This year has been the year of lots of digital marketing and WordPress executions. The best Content marketing System has also been threatened with outsourcing problems like malware and hacking etc.  But the use of the best security plugins for WordPress helped a lot to get complete security of the problems and keep your site far away from threats.

So I thought why not to make a gorgeous Blog and talk about the best security plugins for WordPress and give them the credit they deserve. So here I will be talking about the best plugins from the security point of view for WordPress. Let’s start now –

WordFence –

So here’s one of the most popular security plugins for WordPress. It is well famous for its malware detection. The best thing is that it completely scans all the files of WordPress, including the WordPress core, plugins and themes as well. If you will use the premium feature, then you can access many more advanced features as well. Also due to the open source nature of the plugin, its very popular between the professional hat use WordPress.  

Key elements of this plugin include –

Two-factor authentication – via SMS

Blocks brute-force malware attacks

Blocks all sort of fake traffic to your WordPress site

Scans the WordPress hosting

Get email notifications for the trackings

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security   

Bulletproof Security

As the name suggests, this plugin is for the bulletproof security of your WordPress site. Basically, it takes care of various things in addition to your site’s security. In other words, this will be a perfect tool to take care of your website. As usual, the pro version of this tool also is filled with some really advanced features, but the free version isn’t anything less though.

Key features of this plugin include –

Database, login and firewall security

Four click setup interface

Limits failed login attempts

Checks the IP Blocking and code scanners

Bullet proof Security

Bulletproof Security


If you want a complete WordPress security in a single dashboard, then you must opt for this plugin. You can not only backup your data by using this tool, but you can also perform the security scans and malware detection processes as well. The tools have ace technology support to perform the automatic daily backups and determine where the malware are in case of any malfunctioning.

Key features of the tool include –

Automatic Backup processes and One-click site restoration

Automatic daily scans and one-click malware removal

Managing user roles and performing updates

One click staging and migration setup

Zero downtime migration

BlogVault Security

BlogVault Security

 Sucuri Security –

This plugin is of the website security and auditing company Sucuri. The best part of this security plugin is the auditing feature it provides. Due to this feature, your site remains protected from the complex problems and hacking attacks. It protects your website from DOS attacks, scanner attacks, and other brute-force attacks as well. You can even trace the working of the tool in favor of your site as well. It also has a premium service, for which you need some amount of money to pay.

Key features of this tool include –

Malware Scanning and detection

File integrity monitoring and blacklist monitoring

Website Firewall monitoring

Safety from Zero-day disclosure patches

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security

iThemes Security

It’s also one of the nice WordPress security plugins that are required by many professionals to make their WordPress site secure. With only one click installation, you can stop the automated attacks from the outsource internet world. Even if it is the common security holes in your website, it will be fixed with the use of this plugin. The tool is capable of scanning the entire website and tries to find if there is any potential threat to it or not. All in all, it’s a complete package for your site’s protection.   

Key features of this tool include –

Auto Fixes the different common site malfunctioning problems

Malware scanning, Import/Export settings, and Password protection

Block unwanted IP address to enter your website

Detects and stops the brute-force attacks

iThemes Security

iThemes Security

Plus Note – Here I am adding a plus note that will tell you about the basic features of an ace Security plugin.

The tools with the best features will surely provide you –

  • Malware detection – 

    The greatest threat to any website is the malware, hacking or any outsource attack from the threatening activities. So the tool that could provide the complete protection form the malware and hacking, can be your ideal security plugin.

  • Malware Elimination – 

     As beautifully your plugin must be able to detect the malware, as beastily it must also be able to eliminate them as well. So in order to claim the best security plugin for WordPress, the tool must have the malware elimination feature in a proper manner.

  • Data backup –

    Believe it or not, the backup plugin can’t be a complete one with a proper data backup availability. So the plugin must also pose a complete data backup feature to take the backups of all the data that is created by the site. Though I also prefer the use of the plugins with great data availability.

  • Data Restore 

    Along with the data backup, data restoration is also the point where a plugin must be tested for. The best ones are the ones that provide data restore straight from the dashboard. So opt for the ones that could provide you the best data restoring options.

WP Security Audit Log

Security measures like hardening, malware scanning, firewall protection are necessary, but one can go a step further and keep a record of everything that happens on your WordPress website in an activity log. Install the WP Security Audit Log plugin as it enables you to easily troubleshoot and also identify suspicious behavior. This gives website owners like your time to take measures before your site’s security is compromised.

Key features of this tool include –

Manage user session

Generate in-depth reports

Get instant alert via email

Search and filter activities

Manage WordPress audit trail & database

Export audit logs to online services

So in all these ways, you can perform your overall WordPress security actions using these different forms of security plugins. Though the security plugins I have mentioned here are different from one another, yet there work field is same. But you can rate them according to their performance once you use them.

So in accordance with the features, I have described here, you can use the type of plugin that best suits you. Thanks for reading my Blog, hope you’ll find some help in it.