Blogvault – A Complete Backup And Restore Service

Jan 12, 2018

Blogvault – A Complete Backup And Restore Service

Jan 12, 2018


There are two kinds of WordPress users- Those who have lost their data once and those who will be going to lose their data. If you own a website, then definitely at some point of time you will meet this situation. The most general causes are web host failures, evil hackers, brute force attacks, inevitable human errors, software issues etc. You should always backup your WordPress. If you are not backing up you might be facing a big problem one day. It took so much of your precious time and day and night efforts to build your WordPress site. So, it’s  your sole responsibility to keep your WordPress site out of danger. Rather than facing such risks, you can protect your data in a right manner.


All you need is to have a full backup of your WordPress site. Full backup refers to backing up your whole WordPress site including its themes, plugins, settings, whole data content and your site’s database. Also, you need a backup to restore from. So creating backups on a regular basis is very essential. Without a backup copy, you cannot restore anything or can make any changes to the database structure.


But here the question arises of how these backups and restore can be done? It can be done manually as well as through various excellent backup plugins available in the market. Talking about excellent plugins, one such amazing plugin is Blogvault. It’s your complete all in one solution for your WordPress. How? Why? Surely these things would be running in your mind. Let’s dig deeper in detail and find out the answers to your questions.



An Automatic WordPress plugin which when installed will help you to create regular backups of your complete WordPress site and also provides you with some brilliant features like Auto Restore, Zero Downtime Migration, Incremental Backups, One click Staging and many more.


One Dashboard, One Click, Your Data Is Safe With Blogvault !


Key Features


Blogvault’s Test restore

Blogvault has this unique feature called the test restore which easily lets you confirm an older version before you are going live with that particular version. This feature is easy to implement and saves time and effort both. Here you select a backup version, you restore it temporarily with Blogvault test servers and you see how its looks before making it into main servers.


Blogvault History

Another great feature of Blogvault is the history feature. You can have access to 30 of your last site backups in the history section according to-

Ø  Date and time of the backup

Ø  Notification of new posts

Ø  WordPress website updates

Ø  Site details such as plugins, themes etc.

Ø  Note that you left for specific backup versions



With a single click, you can efficiently move your entire WordPress website from its real domain to another, with zero downtime. Blogvault also helps you to change your domains by rewriting the old references to the older saved URLs which are saved in the database,  This averts broken links and advances the end user experience after corresponding big change.


Backup Forthwith

In case you are going to make any important major changes in your website, you can make use of this amazing feature to force commence the backup, rather than to sit and wait for the programmed backup.


Download Backup

A copy of your website backup can easily be downloaded whenever required.


Backup and Restore Service

Backup and Restore Service

More About Blogvault


Incremental Backup

Blogvault, firstly performs  the full backup of your site and after that string of incremental backups will take place. Incremental backup is the backup of all the changes which you have made since the last backup was performed

Multisite Backup

Blogvault also provide you the service of multisite backup, unlike some services and plugins which offer just a single site backup.

Technical Support

Blogvault offers you 24*7*365 team support. If you face any issues regarding the features of this amazing plugin, the team experts are always ready to take you out from the trouble.  The staff provide you support via phone, chat or email. The support team is friendly and there for you every time when you face any issues.


Blogvault provides you the best and the most tightened security of your WordPress site. Several copies of your data backup are kept on the servers of Blogvault itself. All of your WordPress site backups are encrypted and saved and are 100% safe. Also you have the option of dropbox, FTP, cloud.


Blogvault offers various different plans -Basic, basic plus, basic pro and basic unlimited. It provide offers different schemes to different sections – Personal, Business, Developer, Agency. According to your suitability, you can select the plan and enjoy the service.


Blogvault offers top-notch services for WordPress sites at economical rates. The highly experienced technical support team is out there to help you whenever you face some issues while you use Blogvault.  In other words, Blogvault is one stop for all the services for WordPress.

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