blogVault – DAP backup

DAP (Digital Access Pass) is an add-on software application that can be integrated with sites such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. It provides an end to end solution to create a membership site or a password protected are for your site. This plugin can easily be integrated with payment processors (PayPal) and shopping carts (1ShoppingCart).

DAP creates a database within your WordPress to store member, product, and content information. These tables begin with the prefix “dap_”. It also creates a sub-folder dap/ within your WordPress folder that includes other files such as dap-config.php.

DAP and Backup

Majority of the WordPress backup services work on the following factors:

  • Backup database tables that only being with the database prefix defined in the wp-config.php file, for e.g. “wp_”.

  • Backup the three folders that begin with “wp” i.e. wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes folders.

Since DAP’s naming convention doesn’t follow the above rules, none of the files or database are backed up by these plugins. However, backing up DAP related information is of utmost importance as it includes membership information, passwords, etc. In such cases, users are left with no choice but to backup this data manually. When a need to restore your site arises, DAP will again not be a part of these automated backups. Hence restoring all DAP specific data will also need to be done manually.

blogVault backs up DAP

blogVault is a top-notch WordPress backup service that understands its customers better than any others. It not only backs up the regular WordPress files and database but also all your DAP data consisting of the database and the dap folder. This way you are guaranteed that your entire site content is safe and secure at all times.