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Do you have a WordPress site with lots of images and posts? It is larger than 500MB, perhaps spanning more than 5GB? It is evident that you would also have a backup solution in place to safeguard your data. But does your backup provider scale up to such large sites? Most free and paid WordPress backup plugins fail while backing up large sites.

  • The plugins usually create a Zip file of the entire site while backing up data. In case of large sites, the plugin will either timeout while creating the backup file or put excessive strain on the server.

  • Copying such large files to remote locations like S3 or Dropbox takes a lot of time. Extending this mechanism to storing 30 days of backup, for instance, would mean considerable amount of time and cost.

  • The plugins store files on the server first before moving them to other locations, taking up a lot of disk space on the server.

blogVault doesn’t run into any of the above problems while working with large sites. We have sites as large as 35GB that are completely safe and secure with us today. We achieve this by breaking the site into small chunks and backup only those parts that have changed since the last backup, also known as the incremental approach.

We firmly believe that a backup is only as good as a restore. And restoring large sites can pose its own problems, similar to backup.

  • Uploading large files can take up a long time, or worse timeout.

  • Unzipping a large file may eventually timeout and fail.

  • Importing large databases may result in a timeout.

blogVault solves the above problems using its Auto-Restore feature. When your site goes down, we adopt an incremental restore that will get you back up on your feet quickly. Similar to the backup mechanism, we only work with small chunks and restore the parts of the site that have changed.


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