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If you’re looking at ManageWP to keep your site safe and secure from hackers and malware, here are a few reasons why BlogVault might be a better choice.


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Want a Large Site Backed Up Right Off the Bat?

Backing up a large WordPress site needs a very reliable approach and can lead to significant loss of time (due to failures), if you chose a sub-optimal solution.Your backups need to be complete and quick.

BlogVault uses a “smart incremental backup” approach to successfully back up sites as large as 330GB within a few minutes. The new standard of WordPress backups has arrived.

Want to Never Break Your Website again? Get Free in-built Staging

Do you really want to make changes directly on your live site and risk crashing it? Or even worse, pay extra to test these site changes in an isolated 3rd party staging solution, and then go through  the additional trouble of merging it back to your live site?

BlogVault’s Free and Secure Staging lets you develop your site, test changes, and updates without risking your live site. The best part, once you have tested the changes, push them to live site in just One-Click. Simple, secure, and quick!

Like Playing with Fire? Backup without Security?

Website Backups can help you instantly restore your website when it’s hacked. But, what if your backup itself is infected with dangerous malware?  With no way out, it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes your website, again!

Backups complemented with a reliable security solution ensure complete peace of mind and can save you hours of trouble. BlogVault has an integrated Backup and Security solution that lets you manage, back up, and secure your website from one single dashboard.

Your WooCommerce store needs minute to minute Backups, not Hourly

Can you afford to lose even a single Order of your WooCommerce store? If your WordPress backup solution takes website backups only once a day and your website crashes in the 24 hour window, you stand to lose a lot – an entire day of business at the very least.

BlogVault’s Real-time Backup solution Intelligently syncs-up your website every 5 minutes ensuring you do not lose any crucial data. The best part, it does so without adding any load to your website using its intelligent incremental backup technology.

Want to Rollback to your site from One Year Today?

Imagine, while browsing through your website, you realize that a few of your old posts are no longer present. To make it worse, those posts date back to much earlier than the 30-day backup that your WordPress management plugin provides you with. You simply have no way to recover the posts and undo the damage done!

BlogVault’s automatic backups make sure this never happens – thanks to  backups that are available for a full year – that’s 365-days of backup history at your fingertips. With BlogVault, you’ll never lose anything you need. Talk about being in control. That are available for a full year i.e. 365 days!!!

Can You Clone 330GB Website to 5000+ Webhosts in 1-Click?

Website migrations involve a lot of time and human intervention to be successful. If the migration fails, you have to start all over again with all the effort down the drain and hours wasted in the process. Even after a backup is complete, can you be sure your new site works seamlessly without broken links and missing pages?

BlogVault’s Crash-Proof Migration guarantees migration of website of any size in One-Click. It handles all the complexities behind the scenes to give you a flawless experience. No wonder then that  we power migrations for large hosting providers including WP Engine, Cloudways, FlyWheel, Pantheon, Liquid Web and many more.

Awesome Features for Complete Website Management

Offsite Storage

Independent Offsite storage saves your resources. Upload to Dropbox for multiple backups

Organised Backup Archive

Access 365 days of backups by the date and time, or updates in an orderly manner.


Automated and Incremental Website Backup and Security handled by Intelligent Processes.


Develop your site the way you’ve always wanted to.


Migrate to a new web host with Zero Downtime.


Push changes on Staging site to live site easily in a jiffy.


Stay on top of things and Update Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core easily

Manage Users

Modify access permissions on the site, without being forced to enter WordPress admin dashboard.


Work closely with your Team and Clients for better Website Management. Save time and energy while we keep your website updated.

Client Care

Take your client relationships to a new level with our Client Reports and White Label tools.

Emails and Notifications

Get notified on backup, protection, staging, migration status regularly.


Exceptional Support

We love hearing from you, and helping you. We are with you every step of the way.

BlogVault in Numbers

Sites backed up and counting

Largest site Backed Up

Webhosts Compatibility

Incredible NPS Score

See what our customers say about us


(BlogVault) saved two of my blogs, twice and I even use it to move sites from one server to another. I have never been let down by it. Amos Struck Stock Photo Press Magazines


The fab team at @blogvault have introduced staging and I got to update a site that’s not been updated in 12 months, safely. Jo Waltham Director, Callia Web


We can easily restore backups and even test them on BlogVault server prior to restoring; it makes migrations a cinch. Miriam Schwab Founder & CEO, Illuminea and Strattic


More and more sites were getting hacked, and I almost shut down my business… With BlogVault I am confident my sites are backed up and restore them dependably. Yardena Epstein Owner of YardenaWeb

The smoothest, fastest, cleanest migration of a WordPress website we ever did. Truly, this is an epic service.

David Attard Owner of CollectiveRay


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