WordPress Conditional Tags – An Overview

Conditional tags are functions used in WordPress themes and plugins to display content, or perform actions, based upon whether a certain condition is true or not. A condition can be anything; it might be a condition for whether the user is currently viewing the homepage, or a condition for whether the user is currently logged-in… read more

Ultimate WordPress Performance Tip List to speed up and save up to 80% of space

This is a list of actions and tips to take in order to make your WordPress website faster and improve its performance. You should follow these steps at least once every 3-6 months depending on your website’s activity in order to keep it clean and to increase its performance to a top level…. read more

How to add a signature to your wordpress blogposts

It’s pretty simple

  • Create your signature image
  • Upload your signature image via your media library
  • Copy the url
  • Paste it into the following code where it says “IMAGE URL HERE” … read more

35+ most essential wordpress tips and hacks

What is a Hack in WordPress: A way of doing something that involves adding quick-and-dirty bit of code to make a piece of software do what you want, rather than using a prepackaged (and possibly more elegant) solution like a plugin… read more



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