There are two kinds of WordPress users- Those who have lost their data once and those who will be going to lose their data. If you own a website, then definitely at some point of time you will meet this situation. The most general causes are web host failures, evil hackers, brute force attacks, inevitable human errors, software issues etc. You should always backup your WordPress. If you are not backing up you might be facing a big problem one day. It took so much of your precious time and day and night efforts to build your WordPress site. So, it’s  your sole responsibility to keep your WordPress site out of danger. Rather than facing such risks, you can protect your data in a right manner.


All you need is to have a full backup of your WordPress site. Full backup refers to backing up your whole WordPress site including its themes, plugins, settings, whole data content and your site’s database. Also, you need a backup to restore from. So creating backups on a regular basis is very essential. Without a backup copy, you cannot restore anything or can make any changes to the database structure.


But here the question arises of how these backups and restore can be done? It can be done manually as well as through various excellent backup plugins available in the market. Talking about excellent plugins, one such amazing plugin is Blogvault. It’s your complete all in one solution for your WordPress. How? Why? Surely these things would be running in your mind. Let’s dig deeper in detail and find out the answers to your questions.



An Automatic WordPress plugin which when installed will help you to create regular backups of your complete WordPress site and also provides you with some brilliant features like Auto Restore, Zero Downtime Migration, Incremental Backups, One click Staging and many more.


One Dashboard, One Click, Your Data Is Safe With Blogvault !


Key Features


Blogvault’s Test restore

Blogvault has this unique feature called the test restore which easily lets you confirm an older version before you are going live with that particular version. This feature is easy to implement and saves time and effort both. Here you select a backup version, you restore it temporarily with Blogvault test servers and you see how its looks before making it into main servers.


Blogvault History

Another great feature of Blogvault is the history feature. You can have access to 30 of your last site backups in the history section according to-

Ø  Date and time of the backup

Ø  Notification of new posts

Ø  WordPress website updates

Ø  Site details such as plugins, themes etc.

Ø  Note that you left for specific backup versions



With a single click, you can efficiently move your entire WordPress website from its real domain to another, with zero downtime. Blogvault also helps you to change your domains by rewriting the old references to the older saved URLs which are saved in the database,  This averts broken links and advances the end user experience after corresponding big change.


Backup Forthwith

In case you are going to make any important major changes in your website, you can make use of this amazing feature to force commence the backup, rather than to sit and wait for the programmed backup.


Download Backup

A copy of your website backup can easily be downloaded whenever required.


Backup and Restore Service
Backup and Restore Service

More About Blogvault


Incremental Backup

Blogvault, firstly performs  the full backup of your site and after that string of incremental backups will take place. Incremental backup is the backup of all the changes which you have made since the last backup was performed

Multisite Backup

Blogvault also provide you the service of multisite backup, unlike some services and plugins which offer just a single site backup.

Technical Support

Blogvault offers you 24*7*365 team support. If you face any issues regarding the features of this amazing plugin, the team experts are always ready to take you out from the trouble.  The staff provide you support via phone, chat or email. The support team is friendly and there for you every time when you face any issues.


Blogvault provides you the best and the most tightened security of your WordPress site. Several copies of your data backup are kept on the servers of Blogvault itself. All of your WordPress site backups are encrypted and saved and are 100% safe. Also you have the option of dropbox, FTP, cloud.


Blogvault offers various different plans -Basic, basic plus, basic pro and basic unlimited. It provide offers different schemes to different sections – Personal, Business, Developer, Agency. According to your suitability, you can select the plan and enjoy the service.


Blogvault offers top-notch services for WordPress sites at economical rates. The highly experienced technical support team is out there to help you whenever you face some issues while you use Blogvault.  In other words, Blogvault is one stop for all the services for WordPress.

Imagine If one fine day Your blog just vanished?

Such a terrifying thought, Right?

You put all your hard work, day and night efforts on building some amazing contents for your blog and one day it just gets disappeared. And you are left with nothing in your hands. All you can do is to just sit back and watch everything happen like an owl.

You can act smart and can avoid this situation by taking backups of your whole site.

Don’t be a fool. Always have a backup of your whole site and Be safe.

Backups give you peace of mind. And thankfully for backing up your website you don’t need an expert guru or a developer. With the best WordPress Backup Solution You yourself can perform backups easily like a pro.  

To help you to get started on the correct note with WordPress backups, I am going to introduce you one such fine Backup plugin which is one stop for all your WordPress requirements.

But before we dig deep into it,  you must know what features make an ideal WordPress Backup Plugin?

  1. The plugin  should be capable of taking complete site Backup
  2. The plugin should offer incremental backup
  3. The plugin should provide Easy Restoration
  4. The plugin must offer Hardened security features
  5. The plugin must have Intuitive Dashboard with single click operations

A combo of all features sounds a perfect deal. Isn’t it?

A good backup plugin is worth your investment. WordPress backup plugins keep your data safe and keeps your site out of risk.

One of the best and the excellent WordPress plugin which helps you to create regular backups of your WordPress site and also provide you with some amazing features like Site migration with zero downtime, single click Staging, Test Restore, Auto clean malware, Regular scanning, and much more is –  “BLOGVAULT”

Best WordPress Backup Solution
Best WordPress Backup Solution


Easy and simple set up. All you need to do is to simply subscribe to Blogvault and sign in with your credentials. That’s it! Blogvault will automatically on its own starts syncing your WordPress site.

Blogvault Main Features:

  1. Spontaneous Dashboard- The powerful dashboard offers easy one click operations.
  2. Single click Backup

You can perform listed functions in this section-

  • You can look up to your 30 backups
  • Dropbox is a great help. You can keep your backups safely in drop box
  • You can use backup copy of your site for testing
  • Real Time Backups
  • In case of any site crash or any unexpected event it automatically saves your work
  • Migration of your site with zero downtime
  1. Easy administration- You just have to go to the Homepage and you can see the update history and also can get information about scheduled updates.
  1. Backups and restoration- These two features form the pillars of your site security strategy. This rich feature is unmatched by any other backup plugin available in the market today. Blogvault keeps the data secure with its backup system and keeps a copy in its servers also. Whenever you need to restore you can do it by following some simple steps. This feature keeps you tension free about your data safety. All you need to have the details of your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) license and you can get it from the cpanel of your web hosting provider. It also sends you an alert if you insert the incorrect password rather than damaging or harming your site.
  1. Zero downtime Migration- With zero downtime, moving your WordPress website from one to another web host is possible and in a very easy way.  
  1. Test Restore – In case you want to authenticate the content before it goes live. This feature lets you to validate a temporary restored backup version before going live with it.
  1. History- With this feature, you can browse through the list of your old backups. The data in this section is very useful for future use. You can look to your backups according to
  • Time and Date
  • Site Updates
  • Themes, plugins
  • Tiny notes that you pinned with your document
  1. Hardened Site Security- Blogvault provides the highest security measures to keep your data and site safe.It offers you to perform the security functions such as blocking the PHP execution from the untrusted sources, restrict the number of declined logins, locking up of the database.

Wrapping Words

Blogvault is a very straightforward and simple plugin with so many dynamic features. It has so many tools like to optimize, check, repair which most of the other plugins does not have.

  1. There are many plugins available on the market but what makes Blogvault stand among the rest is its simplicity. It is very sound and simple to use.  
  2. You can execute automatic backups and it will save the file on the Cloud (Dropbox, amazon s3 etc.), email, FTP or on your laptop.
  3. Backup everything with Blogvault– You can backup everything including themes, plugins, uploads or whatever you want it to do.
  4. It permits you to perform full as well as partial backups according to your need.

Blogvault has an impressive set of features and added security measures to keep your WordPress secure.

Keep your data safe with Blogvault and sleep better at night!

Best WordPress Security Plugins
Best WordPress Security Plugins

Okay so 2017 is saying goodbye and the footprints of the new year are eager to come to our world, let’s welcome this in the internet world as well. This year has been the year of lots of digital marketing and wordpress executions. The best Content marketing System has also been threatened with outsource problems like malware and hacking etc.  But the use of the best plugins helped a lot to get a complete security of the problems and keep your site far from the threats.

So I though why not to make a gorgeous Blog and talk about the best security plugins for WordPress and give them the credit they deserve. So here I will be talking about the best plugins from the security point of view for WordPress. Let’s start now –

WordFence –

So here’s one of the most popular security plugin for wordpress. It is well famous for its malware detection. The best thing is that it completely scans all the files of WordPress, including the WordPress core, plugins and themes as well. If you will use the premium feature, then you can access many more advanced features as well. Also due to the open source nature of the plugin, its very popular between the professional hat use wordpress.  

Key elements of this plugin include –

Two factor authentication – via SMS

Blocks bruteforce malware attacks

Blocks all sort of fake traffic to your wordpress site

Scans the wordpress hosting

Get email notifications for the trackings

Wordfence Security
Wordfence Security   

Bulletproof Security

As the name suggests, this plugin is for the bulletproof security of your wordpress site. Basically it takes care of various things in addition to your site’s security. In other words, this will be a perfect tool to take care of your website. As usual, the pro version of this tool also is filled with some really advanced features, but the free version isn’t anything less though.

Key features of this plugin include –

Database, login and firewall security

Four click setup interface

Limits failed login attempts

Checks the IP Blocking and code scanners

Bullet proof Security
Bullet proof Security


If you want a complete WordPress security in a single dashboard, then you must opt for this plugin. You can not only backup your data by using this tool, but you can also perform the security scans and malware detection processes as well. The tools has ace technology support to perform the automatic daily backups, and determine where the malware are in case of any malfunctioning.

Key features of the tool include –

Automatic Backup processes and One click site restoration

Automatic daily scans and one click malware removal

Managing user roles and performing updates

One click staging and migration setup

Zero downtime migration

BlogVault Security
BlogVault Security

 Sucuri Security –

This plugin is of the website security and auditing company Sucuri. The best part of this security plugin is the auditing feature it provides. Due to this feature your site remains protected from the complex problems and hacking attacks. It protects your website from DOS attacks, scanner attacks and other brute-force attacks as well. You can even trace the working of the tool in favour of your site as well. It also has a premium service, for which you need some amount of money to pay.

Key features of this tool includes –

Malware Scanning and detection

File integrity monitoring and blacklist monitoring

Website Firewall monitoring

Safety from Zeroday disclosure patches

Sucuri Security
Sucuri Security

iThemes Security

It’s also one of the nice wordpress security plugins that is required by many professionals to make their WordPress site secure. With only one click installation, you can stop the automated attacks from the outsource internet world. Even if it is the common security holes in your website, it will be fixed with the use of this plugin. The tool is capable of scanning the entire website, and tries to find if there is any potential threat in it or not. All in all, it’s a complete package for your site’s protection.   

Key features of this tool includes –

Auto Fixes the different common site malfunctioning problems

Malware scanning, Import/Export settings and Password protection

Block unwanted IP address to enter your website

Detects and stops the brute-force attacks

iThemes Security
iThemes Security

Plus Note – Here I am adding a plus note that will tell you about the basic features of an ace Security plugin.

The tools with the best features will surely provide you –

  • Malware detection – 

    The greatest threat for any website is the malware, hacking or any outsource attack from the threatening activities. So the tool that could provide the complete protection form the malware and hacking, can be the your ideal security plugin.

  • Malware Elimination – 

     As beautifully your plugin must be able to detect the malware, as beastily it must also be able to eliminate them as well. So in order to claim the best security plugin for wordpress, the tool must have the malware elimination feature in a proper manner.

  • Data backup –

    Believe it or not, the backup plugin can’t be a complete one with a proper data backup availability. So the plugin must also pose a complete data backup feature to take the backups of all the data that is created by the site. Though I also prefer the use of the plugins with great data availability.

  • Data Restore 

    Along with the data backup, data restoration is also the point where a plugin must be tested for. The best ones are the ones that provide data restore straight from the dashboard. So opt for the ones that could provide you the best data restoring options.

So in all these ways you can perform your overall wordpress security actions using these different forms of security plugins. Though the security plugins I have mentioned here are different from one another, yet there work field is same. But you can rate them according to their performance once you use them.

So in accordance to the features I have described here, you can use the type of plugin that best suits you. Thanks for reading my Blog, hope you’ll find some help in it.         




BlogVault - Best Backup Plugin  2018
BlogVault – Best BackupPlugin 2018

If you are in Content Marketing, you might have a close attachment with WordPress. After all, this open source, free CMS allows you to manage and post your online papers from a single platform. That’s the reason, why nearly 28.8% of all website use WordPress as CMS and it is the most widely used site for Content Management System by users.

But how will you make the Data completely secure?

Of course,  there’s a huge need of a proper data security plugin in WordPress. I am talking regarding it, as you know what a fine graph of the cyber crimes is there in the internet world. The professional sites are always in the target of the hackers to send malware and destroy the data in the site. And so to prevent these, there is the requirement of the software that could provide you the features to make your data free and safe from these problems.

Best Plugin For Backing Up Your WordPress Websites

Backup plugins are as compulsory as other plugins. Publishers often ignore to install backup to save their online work, as they think it could be easily done humanly. But,  I have seen many people who forget to run a backup at the end of a tiresome day or on a regular basis.

You need to backup your WordPress website data, every time you make a change. The reason is, having a backup of your written work will prevent severe data losses in case of accidental or intentional malfunctioning of the website. In short, backups give you peace of mind.

Some web hosting services also provide the backup feature but you should never count on them. I have heard experiences of people telling their entire blog got deleted by their hosting service providers, including even the backups.  

The best option for you is to opt a backup plugin. They are easy to install and activate on WordPress dashboard. Once installed, they automatically save your everyday work.

One more thing, which you should look for while selecting a backup plugin is, it should be providing full backup, i.e, both website files and database backups. Here I will tell you about one such plugin, thats BlogVault.


How BlogVault can be Helpful for this?

A backup plugin can be really helpful in terms of providing services like –

  • Data backup –

    The most required thing about the data backup is, the data security, more probably the site security. BlogVault provides a complete data security by allowing to perform the automatic backups and also the data restoration as well. BlogVault provides one click data restoration feature, that will save lots of your time and effort as well.

  • Data Security –

     BlogVault features the automatic daily scans that can are the best to detect any malware ifit will occur in your database, from anywhere. There is the one click malware removal system that eliminates all the malware or virus problem in the site.

  • Data management –

    The tools also features illuminating data management process. You can edit the files and site as per you want. You can also perform many updates that may be required by you at times, and can also manage the user roles accordingly.

  • Action Oriented –

    The tool also offers you to perform the complex actions like staging and migration, so that you should not have to spend large hours of your time to complete the process. BlogVault offers one click setup, and zero downtime migration as well.   

  • Threat protection –

    You can be completely safe from the threats like hosting issues, the malware/hacks, human errors, natural disasters, storage issues, server crashes and other site accidents. You can also set the incompatible plugins and themes according to your requirement in the site. They are responsible for the overall site’s functioning.

  • Well maintenance –

    BlogVault offers quick data processing and tasks performance. Whatever the work you will do, will be in a completely organised form. Unlike other plugins, the dashboard will not surround with lots of complexities, you can see it practically as well. Also, you can check for the features provided by this tool, all are in a well maintained format. You will not face any difficulty while working with this tool.

Backup Your Content With BlogVault

It requires WordPress version 4.0. It first backup the entire website including file and database and then does incremental backups. It is not free, however, it provides 7 days free trial and is cheaper than other alternatives. It works well with larger sites with GBs of data. The best thing is, it saves backups in encrypted form.

WordPress is an open source CMS, which means its source code is open to everyone for collaborative progression/regression. An open software is more vulnerable to data thefts and hacks. That’s why users keep nagging on the security of WordPress.

Using BlogVault for your data backup can help you out to make sure that your data isn’t getting lost in any form. With BlogVault you can not only perform the basic wordpress task, but you can go through the intense tasks like staging and migration as well. It can save lots of your time and effort, also the data handling process run smooth and in an organised manner.   

Security plugins like BlogVault are loaded with wide range of additional features to reduce security lapses. Apart from using security plugins, you should always keep your WordPress installation updated.

So with the help of BlogVault, you can easily get all your data backup and also ensure the complete security of your wordpress site as well.


In this way BlogVault can be literally one of the best WordPress Backup plugin for 2018. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to use this tool for taking the backup of your wordpress site.

This post is a non commercial organic post. I won’t get any commission if you use or buy any of the above-mentioned tools. The tools I mentioned here are based on the curated experiences of my friends and myself.

Please comment below if you find it an informative piece.

How to Backup WordPress Blogs?
How to Backup WordPress Blogs?

WordPress has been really a very good platform for all the Bloggers and entrepreneurs to showcase their blogs in the most beautiful way possible. With the help of the most attractive plugins and themes one has make a great use of this platform for writing and manipulating their content.

Well along with the creation of the database, I consider the backup of them equally necessary. Backup is the process of copying the data that you are creating, so that it would not get lost in case of any uncertainty like –

  • Data Hacking – The hackers can take your data and misuse them.
  • Server crashes – It can crash due to reasons like overload of data or site downfall.
  • Malware – Any malware can disturb your site and cause problems like data loss.
  • Malfunctioning – Site can malfunction due to incompatible plugins and themes.
  • Additional –  Problems like Natural disasters, battery timeout, electricity problem etc.  

So now there arises a great need to protect your site from all these problems and make it a really good one. For this you can take the help from the best data backup plugins like BlogVault, UpDraftplus, BackupBuddy etc.

To know more about them, read this article –

Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2017 Comparison – Find Out Where BlogVault Stands



How is BlogVault helpful in taking the Backup of your Site?

BlogVault offers you this many features to take the backup of your site, which you need to know –

  • It provides Data Backup

You can easily take the data backup as per your requirement. BlogVault has many features related to the overall data backup of the site that you need for a complete site protection. It offers the automatic daily backups, that can save all the data you edit daily.

The types of backup that Blogvault provides is –

Incremental backup – This one’s is taking the backup of the data that’s edited in the wordpress site on everyday basis. If you have the Incremental backup system ON in your database, the you can easily take the backups on automatic basis, means you don’t need to do it manually.

On demand backups – You can either perform the on demand backups for your database as well. This backup will allow you to specify your content as an external input when starting a backup. In this way you can specify your content each time you opt for this backup type.

Backup validation – Backup validation is the process where the site owners can see the whole process of their data as how it was backed up. This feature is easily provided by BlogVault in order to see the risk of data loss(if there will be any). You can even use the free trial option that BlogVault provides.

  • It provides Data restoring

Data restoring is yet another feature that is a must for any backup tool to provide for a complete data protection. Data restoring is a process that lets you to access the data anytime you want to use it. Wherever you data will be, you will be able to use it for your WordPress.

The restoring features that BlogVault provides is –

Auto restore – This is the automatic restoration of data, especially helpful in taking the backup at times your server crashes. With BlogVault, you can restore your site with a single click. With this you can easily access your data in the WordPress site everytime you want to.

Data backup also involves a complete data security of the wordpress site and its content you are creating. Realtime automatic backups that you are taking must be malware-free, but as we never what can happen next, so there’s a need to detect the malware in case it occurs.

With Blogvault, you can easily detect the malware and eliminate them as well. Here are the features for it –

Malware Scanning – With the use of features like automatic malware and hacking scanning, one can easily detect the malware if it will be present in the site. With proper site monitoring, you can easily keep an eye on your data and its making as well.

Malware removal – Similarly when you will discover the malware, you can easily eliminate them by using the most advanced technology. Blogvault provide one click malware removal setup, that can easily eliminate all the malware from your site.     

Login Protection – This is for the protection of the overall site and its data as well. The login protection with strong passwords and unique usernames will prevent any hacking attempts to go through your site, resulting in the safety of your site.

Data encryption also comes in this way. By doing this you can simply prevent any unwanted person/user to enter into your site and see your creation. This is a very effective way to prevent your data from any loss and most importantly getting it hacked.   

  • It provides Staging and Migration Set up

Staging as we all know is an important requirement to check, edit and manipulate the site for any changes that needs to be done. Similarly with the migration as well, as it may be a daunty one to choose but its not at all that complex like people usually think. With BlogVault you can prepare the one click staging setup. Also you can perform one click migration setup as well.

The one click staging and migration setup will be extremely time saving for you. You will also save lots of efforts and confusion problems will not occur as well. Meaning there will be smooth and proper work for you to understand things will much ease.

So in this way Blogvault can help you out on how to backup a WordPress blog. Along with the backup you must also notice the features that are there for the protection of your site/blog. Taking the backup of your WordPress blog will be a really nice step to protect your data from every sort. You may also check out for the other data backup plugins that could provide you the same feature that you are searching for.

So here I end up my article, I hope you have liked it. Thanks for reading.


BlogVault - Best Backup & Restore Service  Tool
BlogVault – Best Backup & Restore Service

The importance of having an incredible existence with WordPress is to possess a quality Backup and Restore Service. WordPress, the most dependable content management framework that is available, consists several hours of testing behind it. However, every framework needs repetition.

When something isn’t going right, if there is no genuine support to settle the issue, or if you’re not up-to-date, then the backup that could be easily recoverable including all the files and database, then that’s a complete failure.

How many of you rely on the backups provided by the host website? Even if you’re, then it’s not completely reliable. Why do you think does your hosting provider charge only $ 5.00 per month to host your site?

But looking at the fact, hosting providers face the biggest threats. They are mostly targeted with threats and there are possibilities that the backups are not up-to-date. You might end up in that unfortunate situation where the hosting provider tells you that greater part of the content is lost completely.

It’s definite that you don’t want to be in such situation, do you? So what is the solution that you can implement for this situation? What would you choose when your server goes down?

BlogVault is the key factor that you need to consider as it saves your time and your business with its best Backup and restore service.

Why is BlogVault the best?

Looking for tech-free, simple, and a paid solution for WordPress Backup and Restore? BlogVault is an excellent solution for this. Here are some key factors where it proved to be exceptional solution,

  1. “Free Trial” for the first 30 days.
  2. BlogVault offers Backup and a Test Restore option. This feature lets you see your recovered site.
  3. The process takes place automatically. Less consumption of internet time.
  4. Off-site support. The Backup support is kept safe on the off-site server.
  5. The client-support from the BlogVault Team is excellent. They are prompt and will assist personally in the recovery restore process, step by step.

What does BlogVault’s Automatic Backups & Restore do?

A WordPress backup service, BlogVault is an excellent solution. With a great stronghold, BlogVault provides an easy-to-use and robust WordPress backup service. Whether you have a small or big website, BlogVault meets your needs.

Have you signed up to BlogVault? If you have, then you are immediately provided with a dashboard to manage your sites. BlogVault is basically a definition for “easy-to-use”.

  • Schedules automatic daily backups of your complete site.
  • Saves a great deal of storage space on your server.
  • The BlogVault is one of a kind as in it can be utilized for an incremental way to deal with backup your website.
  • The Backup service by BlogVault is not only easy and cheap, it also makes restoring process smooth and flawless.
  • The auto-restore feature by BlogVault automatically restores your site without manual intervention.
  • Are you manually uploading your files and importing your database via FTP? Say goodbye to it! The auto-restore happens from BlogVault’s servers to your servers backstage.
  • Once your auto-restore is complete, BlogVault will quickly tell you by means of email.
  • BlogVault offers support for huge sites that are more than 35GB.
  • Also, you can test-restore your backups temporarily on blogVault’s servers to approve the uprightness of your backup.

BlogVault Premium Plugin

This can be utilized to take a backup, migrate your files or restore your lost data. As BlogVault offers automatic offsite backups every day, the resources are stored off-site and subsequently the space can’t be consumed by backups.

BlogVault Features – WordPress Backup Plugin

More than 80,000 sites utilize the WordPress backup. By offering auto-restore feature with just one-click, you can rapidly restore your site, on the off chance that anything happens to your webpage.

Test Restore:

This feature allows you to test your WordPress Backups on BlogVault Servers.  7 days free trail is accessible


Your website is secure with BlogVault. Join today to check the services and appreciate a WordPress backup benefit like no other. After all, you don’t have anything to lose.

In case you’re thinking about how this feature spares time, simply envision what might happen that you wished to restore an older version of your site, but you end up restoring the wrong form.

BlogVault is an ideal answer for anybody who wants backups without wanting to pay for the most expensive WordPress Backups and reestablish frameworks, programs or plugins that do a similar work process.


A guide on how to take Backup WordPress Theme with BlogVault?

Backups don’t look beautiful. But however, backups come to your rescue when you lose the majority of your documents or database data due to accidents and threats. What happens when you have a long time of vital blog entries or huge amounts of important client data? Is it right to say that you will play Russian roulette when you have put all your hard work? You would definitely not do that.

Websites crash for a wide range of reasons. Your site can get hacked or infected by malware. Your host can go down or accidentally delete the wrong files and influence your whole site to implode.

Additionally, it’s a smart thought to have a backup of your site before redesigning.

Know what BlogVault is…

BlogVault, a standout amongst other WordPress Security plugin will take your site security to an unheard level. This plugin composed of specialists, BlogVault is easy and user-friendly.

It decreases security hazard by checking for vulnerabilities, and by executing and approving the latest recommendations that WordPress security rehearses.

BlogVault is an entire WordPress Backup solution, from taking backups to restoring and migrating files safely, it has worked on various changes to make it simple for the clients to get it right. In the meantime, BlogVault altogether takes backup of the entire web page frequently as you install the plugin in your website.

Here is what you should consider when you begin with BlogVault

If you’re looking for the “most secure and ideal approach” to take backup of your WordPress website, BlogVault intends to give you. Now install the BlogVault plugin into the WordPress website. It can be installed manually or automatically, in the wake of making an account with BlogVault. A complete backup of the site will be delivered. Resulting in that the backups will normally be delivered 24 hrs all day.

Anything but easy to utilize, BlogVault dashboard does not require any specialized information.

  1. History: This feature ensures to keep all the old records safely and can be used to make sense of which backup to return. It contains additional information concerning the number of post, pages and plugins to show.
  2. Test Restore: This lets you briefly reestablish a prior backup form on the server where you can test. Once the testing is done, you can approve and set the content live.
  3. Auto ­Restore: This element lets you consequently reestablish a particular backup rendition of your site for the situation that it crashes.
  4. Migrate Site: This allows you easily move your site starting with a single host to the other, in short, the extended uploading and downloading process.
  5. Site Backup: This feature is utilized to begin the backup procedure on the off chance that you’ve rolled out significant improvements in your site and can hardly wait for the booked backup procedure to kick in.
  6. Backup Download: Yet another alternative gives you a chance to download a duplicate of your site reinforcement. You can deal with numerous sites utilizing a solitary BlogVault dashboard.

“As professionals, it’s indeed a security approach to safeguard their WordPress sites which includes database, plugins and themes. But how to backup for WordPress Theme?”

Here are the approaches that you need to follow when you plan to take a backup for WordPress Theme.

Are you planning to make any changes in the theme files which you aren’t sure about? It’s a smart thought to have a backup of your theme, particularly if it is uniquely designed. Despite you considered to have numerous other themes to changes you need to save.

Check the two methods to deal with,

The Simplest Way,

The easiest method is to take a backup a solitary theme file is, go to the “Appearance>Editor,” and tap on the file. Once you click the file, you just have to copy-and-paste the content and all the other theme documents that you’re altering into a Notepad report.

The Entire Procedure

The below procedures take backup of your whole theme:

  1. If you do not have an FTP program, then download it.
  2. The next step is, click on “Appearance” button on your WordPress Admin
  3. Under the “Current Theme” header, take note of the document that comes post the major part of the present theme’s documents are located.
  4. Login to your site by entering the FTP details like hostname, username and password after you have downloaded and installed the FTP program. Feel free to approach your web host to offer assistance when you face any difficulties.
  5. After you interface with your site, go to the folder that comprises your WordPress Installation and then follow the procedures that are specified in stage 3.
  6. Exhort the FTP program to download the complete theme organizer to any of the areas on your PC.
  7. Once that is done, check to ensure that the FTP program tells that the files have transferred effectively.


BlogVault is beyond just a backup plugin. It is a backup technique for each and every business. With its excellent establishment, you can stroll off all the dangers as it supports encrypted backups.

Onlin- Backup-for-WordPress

Introducing BlogVault as an Online Backup for WordPress Platform

WordPress Backups is justified regardless the venture you’ve made in for your site. The day may come when you get hacked, when something turns out to something bad, your server might get crashed or you’re hosting organization lose everything and you don’t have a backup. Would you endow all your diligent work to a Backup Plugin with just a couple of thousand downloads, blended surveys or no expert help?

It’s never too late to care about having Online Backups for WordPress. Your WordPress requirements keep differing, yet, the question “do we have backups?” arises after a catastrophic loss has occurred. This is when Backups are felt necessary.

The Importance of having Online Backups for WordPress

In today’s world of technology and internet, not taking backup seriously for your websites is equal to being weak and irresponsible. You may think it as too tedious or too expensive. As a general rule, if something with your site turns out badly, you could lose everything.

All sites on the web are vulnerable to hacking attempts like DDOS assaults, data theft and loss. This could happen even to the most secure sites on the web. An online backup solution for your website is your insurance against all those terrible things. It enables you to keep your content safe and reestablish your site after an accident.

Here is what you should know about BlogVault

Committed to create website security and backups, simple and productive Blogvault mitigates the dangers related with site crashes and also the harm caused by malware and hacks. BlogVault having helped thousands of clients across the globe to keep up an effective website security posture has partnered with few biggest names such as Pantheon and WPEngine. Prioritizing quality over everything else, BlogVault specializes in BackUp, Security, Manage WordPress, Staging, and Monitoring.

BlogVault is the solution for everything. One of the highest ranked and most popular scheduled backup plugin, it simplifies backups and restoration. With more than thousands of active installs, you can Backup your files and database into the cloud and restore them with just one click!

Why is it necessary to have Online Backup for WordPress with BlogVault?

At BlogVault, backups provide the best security practices as to offer the safety net for your business. BlogVault takes responsibility to separate your Backups from the risks your site faces.

A simple start with BlogVault, login to the online portal and find the URL of the WordPress site or blog you might want to take backup. In the following step, install the BlogVault’s plugin on the site. The plugin will act as an arch to the online backup benefit so that you can recover all the data about your WordPress instalment and take back up.

The BlogVault’s plugin could be installed automatically and on the other hand, you can even download and install it manually. After installing and activating the plugin, the service by BlogVault shall automatically start taking backing up your WordPress files and database.

Advantages of Online WordPress Backup Services

  1. You have options to buy a third-party storage service such as Amazon Cloud where store the WordPress backups
  2. You just have to pay your subscription and the WordPress backups are stored in a remote and secure a place for you
  3. If you backup your WordPress using BlogVault’s plugin, the main benefit of storing your WordPress backups remotely is reliability.
  4. With BlogVault, there is a secure WordPress Backup Storage
  5. You can also make sure that your Backups are not tampered with or deleted by storing the WordPress backups in a remote location.
  6. When you choose a right WordPress backup plugin you get to get access to services to have the right and secure infrastructure where your backups are stored. BlogVault has it!

BlogVault when compared to other sites

Yet again talking about plugins for WordPress, there are a few that are outstanding. There are 1000’s of plugins that are battling to be the best. But how unique and different is BlogVault from other plugins.

In the below screenshot you’ll find few unique features that no other backup plugins will offer.


Wrapping the text up, taking a Backup with a WordPress CMS is fundamental so that it guarantees that you don’t lose any content, theme or file. It’s always a good idea to take a backup both your content and database. However, you may need to do them independently at times. The manual backup process is somewhat arduous but provides the control over the procedure.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2017 Comparison

So this is yet again a year of WordPress plugins, their work, and benefits. But the things are different a little bit because there are over 50,000 plugins that are battling with each other to be the professional’s First Choice. And why not, they are having the features within, so what’s wrong to compare them all together.

Well, I am suggesting comparison because as a professional myself, I think everyone who works using WordPress should know about the best WordPress backup plugins and the ’Best out of the Best’ plugins as well. And here I will provide you the same exact information, because I myself, am a lover of getting “to the point” information.

According to surveys, the mostly used WordPress Backup plugins include –

  1. BackupBuddy
  2. UpDraftPlus
  3. BackWPUp
  4. BackUpWordPress
  5. VaultPress

Though I don’t deny that there are many other backup tools as well, I am only including these five of them to be compared with BlogVault and see the differences between them. Here you will see the pros and cons of the respective tool and how BlogVault can be a firm choice in place of them?(if you want to).

Let’s start with the Number 1 Spot, BackUpBuddy tool.


BackUpBuddy V/S BlogVault

BackUpBuddy is the most popular WordPress backup plugin, this anti-subscription service allows you to schedule your backups on daily/weekly or monthly basis. By using their Stash, you can also do the real-time backup tasks as well.


BlogVault, though is very less in popularity as compared to BackUpBuddy, it provides a free 7-days trial, which BackUpBuddy doesn’t provide. Also, BlogVault provides Offsite backup, which means you can recover your data even after your server crashes. One click setup is a plus point of BlogVault.

You won’t get all these features in BackUpBuddy, but it has unchallenging activation though. Afterall there’s some reason behind its Number 1 mark right!

Let’s move to the very next WordPress backup plugin, UpDraftPlus.


UpDraftPlus V/S BlogVault

It is one of the most used free WordPress backup plugins. The best thing about it is that it provides both scheduled and on-demand WordPress backups. The priority support of this plugin is world famous, but you can only get it in its premium version.


Though UpDraftPlus provides backup as per your need, its dashboard section can be problematic, because it ain’t much user-friendly like BlogVault. Also, it doesn’t offer incremental backups. BlogVault dashboard is not only organized but works in a systematic form and the designs are user-friendly, means completely easy to use.

Whereas in UpDraftPlus, all the sites are referring to UpDraft add-ons, which can be a bit irritating and be confusing as well. So what you will be choosing?

Our next battle will be between BackWPUp and BlogVault


BackWPUp V/S BlogVault

BackWPUp is the best WordPress backup plugin if you are searching for an ‘Easy to use’ type plugin. You can easily schedule the automatic backups according to the site’s frequency. Also, it offers simple WordPress restoring process.


Although this tool is giving a good fight to BlogVault, it fails in providing storage space for backups. Also, it doesn’t give the real-time backup processing option as well. Both these features are now very necessary in order to create large sites.

BlogVault pose both these essential features and thus can be a good choice for you if you frequently create larger sites. Now the choice is yours!

Next up we will talk about BackUpWordPress plugin.


BackUpWordPress V/S BlogVault

If you want the best automatic scheduling support plugin, then BackUpWordPress will be a good choice. For it is a complete WordPress backup plugin, you can store your backups on Dropbox, google drive etc. Though it will require a premium extension.


No doubt it is one of the best WordPress tools, but I swear it stands nowhere in terms of restoring features against BlogVault.

BlogVault offers easy to restore and test restore features. You also restore the migrated site as well, which makes a big plus point to choose it as your prime backup plugin. And that’s not all, you can also restore the history backup, the changes that you have done and the individual files as well.

In BlogVault there is storage space available for backups, but BackUpWordPress doesn’t have that space. This can be a major drawback for it, especially at times, you will be creating large sites. As these sites require a lot of space.

Our Final comparison will be with VaultPress.


VaultPress V/S BlogVault –

VaultPress is famous for offering real-time cloud backup solution (automated). This tool is especially used by the WordPress beginners. Well though is founded by the co-founder of WordPress, I can’t shed the downsides of using it. 


You can’t use the one-click setup feature unless you have the Jetpack installed in it. While BlogVault offers you this setup. BlogVault utilizes its own servers, therefore no need of user’s storage space, but Vaultpress need to use the same.

You can’t operate the ‘Staging’ environment without having the Jetpack version of VaultPress. Staging has been a really important term now. But in BlogVault you can use this feature easily, as it is enabled from within the dashboard.

One major drawback in VaultPress is that though you do have the backup history feature, but it will very difficult to find the file you want. Whereas in BlogVault the backup history is listed in a systematic way, and this makes it really easy for you to operate with this tool.


Final Words –

So here were the best five plugins for providing WordPress backups, and their comparison with BlogVault. Though this article doesn’t mean to de-dignify the best of plugins, it’s just a comparison article which shows the real flaws of them, and how can BlogVault be a better choice. Choosing any of them will totally depend on you. Click here for Pricing Details

I hope this article helps you find out the real differences between different plugins and delivering the exact information that you want. I hope you have liked my article, if so please share it with your friends.

WordPress site being an open source software is more vulnerable to hacks and losses. That’s why, whilst using this site-building and management platform, you also need to create backups of it at regular intervals. Backups are the insurance for your site, they help you to safeguard your site. In case your site or database gets crashed, corrupted, erased or hacked, you can immediately restore everything back to the normal state by restoring a backup.

So If you are someone who loves writing blogs, you must be having an idea of how important it is for your blogs to get published. WordPress no doubt could be the best possible solution for you for CMS( Content Management System). The platform provides enough elbow space to all its users to modify and personalize the software for their intentional purposes. You can also customize your WordPress site by installing themes and plugins on it.

In this post we will look at the various feature provided by backup plugins, to bring out the best use of them.I will take Blogvault backup plugin for reference. The reason I chose it is, it is the most renowned and trusted plugin for backup among the users.

Backup and restore is primarily composed of four important aspects

  • WordPress Site Files
  • Database backups
  • Manual Backup
  • Backup plugins: Automated Backups

The first two are the entities of backups and next two are the ways to create a backup. Click here For better understanding.

OK, so the first thing you need to know is,

How to install Blogvault on your WordPress site?

Blogvault Installation is really as easy as cutting a cake. All you have to do is follow these 9 steps.

Step 1.LogIn to your WordPress site.

Step 2.Click on Plugin menu at the leftmost list.

Blogvault Plugin Menu

Step 3.Click on Add new.

Step 4. If you don’t see Blogvault at default plugin screen, browse Blogvault on ‘Floating Social Bar’.

Step 5. Once found, Sign up to its 7 days free trial.

Step 6. After signing up, Register your site with it.

blogvault wordpress backup services


Step 7. Feed you mail id, password and site URL. then click on ‘Register’ Button.

Step 8. Click on Install Plugin button.

blogvault-install-blogvault-plugin image 5
Step 9. You will see the following window, which shows that you have installed it successfully.

Now, you have the plugin installed and activated on your site. If you face any problem while installing, click here to seek help.

Watch this video for an illustrative guide.

Next, to installation, we will look at the ways to leverage the enormous potential of this plugin cause if you fail to do so, then even an unconventional plugin like this will act as a conventional one.


Tip 1. Create Backup of your entire site and not just database.

Your WordPress site is made up of site files and databases. While backing up, most of us generally focus only on database backups which aren’t sufficient. Though database holds critical data, site files also include important components like plugins, images, themes, etc. So an efficient backup service is the one which supports both types of backups.

Blogvault provides you the facility to backup both site files and database, unlike other backup plugins.This means, by using it you can create backups of plugins belonging to another niche like SEO, caching, security etc as well but yeah they must have already installed on your site.

Watch the video below for all in one description on how to create backups with Blogvault:

Tip 2. Migrate your Website to a distinct location.

Migration refers to a reconfiguration of your WordPress website to a new/different web host or URL. But why will you do so?

Suppose, you are not happy with the services of your hosting provider or you are facing cliches in your current site URL. In any of the two situations, you can switch to a new Hosting provider and domain. But very often, the site breaks down after/during migration. Also, migration of a larger site that contains bulk of contents, themes, plugins and other data is cumbersome.

Luckily, with Blogvault you can migrate to any domain and web hosts with only one-click.

What you have to do is to click on ‘Migrate’ on its Backup Module.

  • Feed Creds of new web host or domain.

  • Enter new site’s URL

Key features of Blogvault Zero-Downtime-Migration:

  • You can migrate either site files or database or both, at a time.
  • It is compatible to migrate your site to any web host, just enter the IP address of the new web host to migrate safe and secure.
  • It is accordant to migrate any size of data.
  • It automatically rewrites URLs (including posts and pages) while migrating to a new domain.


Tip 3. Automate your Backups and Restores.

What will be the purpose of using any backup service if every time you need to instruct it for backup creation? It should be itself simpler enough to create the backup with one click or automatically( as per it is scheduled).

That’s why, Blogvault supports real-time backup, i.e, every minute change at your site is saved immediately. You can schedule your backup creation daily, monthly, annually based on how frequent you want them to back up. The best thing is, once you synchronize your backup, it won’t ask for any kind of manual interventions.

It also supports Incremental backup in order to save a lot of your disk and storage space. It once creates a full backup of your site and then stores only the latest incremented data.


Tip 4. Check your backups before restoration.

Why do we create a backup? Obviously to restore them back to the site when needed. But what if the backed up data does not work well on the live site?

No,  it’s not your backup plugin’s fault, maybe it is because any of your plugin’s or theme’s validation has expired. But since Blogvault has taken the responsibility for your site security, it has a remedy for it too.

You can check the performance of the backed up data in a testing environment before deploying them on the live site. The testing environment provided by Blogvault is an exact replica of your original production site. You can experiment updation of old plugins and installation of new plugins in this environment. You can also check images, videos, alignments here.

This process is widely called Staging and nobody would believe that a backup plugin facilitates this feature too, Wow!!


Tip 5. Auto Restore your Backups

Just like automated backups, you can also activate the plugins to automate restoration at the server. Auto restores let you access to fast restoration. The sooner you restore backups, the quicker you will get back to your business routine. Look down to compare two ways of backup restoration:

# The usual way of restoring data is :

Step 1.Select database table to import data.

Step 2. Delete all the existing data in that table.

Step 3. After this, export data from backup location to that database table.

But BlogVault, does ‘Differential restoration’.  It does not delete or replace data from tables. It instead keeps on adding files from the backup location to the server.


# Steps to activate Blogvault auto-restore feature:

Step 1. Select Auto Restore from Backup module.

Step 2. Enter FTP hostname, FTP username, and password, SFTP, FTPS of the site.

Step 3. Browse and Select the folder that has WP installation.  Once done,

            Click on Continue button.

Step 4. Now feed details and URL of the new site and you are done.

Step 5. No more steps, 4 simpler steps and you have restored your backups to the server, ain’t it easier?

Conclusion :

Blogvault beyond being a backup plugin is a backup strategy for your business. It doesn’t ask you to master it, unlike any other strategy.  With its premium installation, you can ward off data hacks as it supports encrypted backups. Check out this post to know it more.