wordpress permissions


WordPress File Permissions: Complete Beginner’s Guide

On every computer filesystem, whether on your local computer or a server in the cloud, the various files and directories have permissions that dictate who and what can access, read, write, or modify them. These permissions are critical because there could be certain files and directories that you’d want to access but would never want…

disable xmlrpc in wordpress


How to Disable XML-RPC for Better WordPress Security

The XML-RPC specification was developed to make it easier for different types of computers, perhaps running different operating systems or programs written in different languages, to communicate with each other over the Web. It allows developers to build programs that can interact with other programs remotely without having to learn about the underlying protocols, networking,…

WordPress salts and security keys


Everything about WordPress Security Keys

Passwords are literally the keys to your site. Protecting your login page from hackers and their bots is a top priority and an ongoing battle that you need to stay on top of.  WordPress salts and security keys are special strings of text used to encrypt WordPress user passwords. As a WordPress admin, you don’t…

Google Blacklist


“My WordPress site is blacklisted by Google!”

Does your WordPress site show a big red warning when someone visits your site?  Your site has been blacklisted by Google safe browsing. This usually happens because of the presence of malware. Domain blacklisted by google safe browsing is no picnic: your site traffic abruptly drops, potential customers are discouraged from visiting your site, and…



14 Best WordPress Security Practices to Protect Your Site

WordPress security is important for any high-value website. Hackers often target WordPress sites for a number of reasons such as using the website resources, accessing the data, using the website to target visitors with phishing scams, and more. But is there anything you can do about it? Yes. You can take measures that help you…

best WordPress malware removal plugins


9 Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins (2022)

Do you suspect a malware attack on your WordPress site? Given that a WordPress website is hacked every 38 seconds, you may not be wrong. You need to act fast to contain the damage and make sure that the malware doesn’t cause any big headaches.  The first thing to do is to scan your site…

Best WordPress Malware Scanners


Top 10 WordPress Malware Scanners (Compared)

Have you noticed that your website is redirecting to another site? Or does your site suddenly look different to your visitors? This could be a sign of malware on your WordPress site. When you suspect your site to be infected, it can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. Several questions and frustrations might present themselves to you,…

WordPress firewall Plugin


9 Best WordPress Firewall Plugins (Compared)

The best protection for your WordPress website against hacks is prevention, as cleaning up your site takes time, effort, and money. Not to mention the downtime caused by hacks which cost you customers and credibility.  The most effective way to prevent hacks is to install a WordPress firewall plugin on your site. WordPress firewalls keep…

malicious redirects


How To Remove Malicious Redirects From Your Site?

Is your WordPress website redirecting to another site right after you visit it? It can be confusing and stressful when this happens because there is no way to figure out what exactly is happening. These unauthorized redirects are a sign of a WordPress redirect hack on your website.  Do not worry, because we can help…

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