The importance of social media in the modern world cannot be underemphasized and you know that but, why do I keep emphasizing that it’s important? Well, because knowing social media and understanding the impact that social media can have on your website, are two different things. Social media is a major tool that can aid in the success of your website tremendously if used properly.

I’ve been with WordPress website for some years, and the moment I started social streaming, revenues from my site has increased tremendously. But this is not difficult as it may sound since all you need is to install a plugin and activate it. With this plugin, you’ll be able to display all your social media accounts activities on your WordPress site. In this article, I’m going to introduce you the powerful WordPress Social Board plugin and take you through key steps to install it successfully.

The flexibility that comes with this plugin is incredible. You can display your social media stream in six different formats including wall, timeline, carousel, rotating feed, sticky feed and ajax tabbed feed. It can support more than 13 social networks and comes with more than 30 different feed options. Imagine a platform that allows your visitors to share your posts on the Google, Facebook, or Twitter from your website? A plugin that enables visitors to re-tweet, comment or favourites the tweeter posts? Well, that’s what this plugin does to your website. This is How you go about it:

To start with, you must download the plugin on your Personal Computer (PC). This is very easy since all you need is to browse to the plugin page. After the downloading is done, it will appear as a zip file which when opened, you’ll find another zip file WordPress-social-board-*.zip inside the package that is the original file for the plugin.

Install the downloaded plugin on the WordPress website

Here are the 4 major steps on how to go about it:

1. Go to your admin panel. Click on Plugins then click Add New button.

2. Then click on the Upload Plugin button.

3. Click on Activate Plugin after link to complete the installation of the plugin.

With the plugin successfully installed, the next step is to create your Social Board. Here I’ll explain how to create a Facebook wall as the example:

i. Browse to the WordPress admin dashboard.

ii. Go to the Social Board >> Add New Board and fill out the provided form that comes.


iii. Go to the Social Board and then click the Manage Board link.

iv. Copy the short-code that is marked with a red circle in the following screenshot.

v. Browse to WordPress admin dashboard >> Pages >> Add New Page

vi. Paste the copied shortcode into the created page or put it in a post instead and you’re done.


7. Your social wall is ready now for use. All that remains is going to click on the View Page button to see the created page, and you’re finished.