wordpress plugin vulnerability

The security team at Sucuri recently discovered a vulnerability in the Custom Contact Forms plugin. The popular plugin with over a 6,00,000 downloads is widely used to customize contact forms. The vulnerability allows attackers to take control of your website, bypassing all authentication methods. If you have this plugin installed on your site with a version lower than, you must update it immediately.

The vulnerability, categorized as critical, allows attackers to download and modify your database remotely. Anyone, irrespective of whether they are an admin user or not, can modify your site’s database and replace it with their own SQL file. This lets the attacker gain complete control over your site. They can access your admin panel, modify any settings, insert new posts, add new plugins and much more.

In case you’ve already been hacked due to this vulnerability, you must immediately revert back your site to an earlier backup. You can then update the plugin on your site and ward off repeat attacks. The team at blogVault has already scanned our customer sites for this vulnerability. A notification email has been sent to all customers who don’t have the latest version of the plugin installed.

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