Customer Tales: Rami Levi of GlobalPay

Apr 23, 2013

Customer Tales: Rami Levi of GlobalPay

Apr 23, 2013

Rami LeviNeed often drives us to create, innovate and think out of the box. So when a DJ realized that each time he used mobile payments technology to accept credit cards for payment at an event, he was actually overpaying his merchant services provider every month, he decided to take things into his own hands. On finding out that the problem was a common one, but the options were few, the idea of looking for a way to make mobile credit card processing cheaper for himself and others, took shape. That is when Rami Levi developed a business plan and set out to find a way to promote his new product.

Currently the head honcho of GlobalPay – a merchant services company specializing in mobile payment solutions, Rami is still the owner of RaMiX Events Production, his music entertainment company and says that he loves his job up until this day, as this job is what got him into his current business.

“After getting in contact with companies like First Data I developed a business plan and was looking for a way to promote the new product. I was aware of surrounding competition and the way I was able to differentiate my competition from me is by offering low cost processing, no monthly fee accounts and unique features that most of my competition still do not have. Although it looked very promising, I didn’t get my first client until over 4 months of effort and hard working. Today our website is generating new customers at a much faster pace and we anticipate the growth rate to keep rising,” he tells blogVault.

What is GlobalPay?

In one sentence, GlobalPay is a merchant services company specializing in mobile payment solutions.

How and why is a service like yours, the need of the hour today? Is this because of the popularity of mobile payments?

As technology keeps evolving and as more and more people every year use credit cards, merchants need to adapt to the technological era and accept credit card payments where business takes them. Checks are out dated already and most people tend to not carry much cash with them, so if you want to get paid quickly and easily, mobile payments are the way to go.

From a DJ to GlobalPay, what was the journey like and what was the toughest challenge you faced as an entrepreneur?

During this “GlobalPay Passage” I’ve faced many obstacles, from one side the need to complete my education at the university I am attending, from another side making sure there is enough income to cover all the costs of school and the new business while understanding that being a DJ is fun but also a full time job, and from another side the fact that the only company that offered the product I needed was not willing to work with me and only 6 months of hard working had proved to them that I might be deserving it.

What is mobile credit card processing – how does this impact credit card users like you and me?

Mobile credit card processing is the ability to process credit card payments using a wireless device. At the past this device used to be a special credit card terminal that was designed for this specific purpose (like the Nurit 8000), this product used to be expensive and its maintenance was a bit high. Today, instead of using these expensive machines, merchants can use their own smartphones or tablets. By installing an app on your phone or tablet you’ll be able to process payments quickly and securely.

What does a mobile payment processing provider do? Why is cost a key factor in this setup?

A Mobile Payment Provider supplies the necessary tools in order to process wireless payments. These tools may include a merchant account, the mobile card reader and the designated app that will be suitable with your mobile device. To the client, there are no costs involved in obtaining an account with us. The setup is free and so is our card reader.

In what forms do you offer payment processing services today? What would you say is the usage of such services like in the industry?

Payment processing is a large industry and each merchant may need a different payment solution as each merchant operates differently. Some have a retail store, others have an online website and others may offer services or products at the customer’s location. In order to comply with each merchant’s individual needs we offer payment solutions in several ways. Retail locations may use our traditional credit card machines, online users may use our virtual payment gateway that offers shopping cart integration for online shops (E-Commerce) and on-the-go merchants may use our mobile payment solution.

Tell us a bit about the international services you are offering?

All services that are currently offered at the US are also offered worldwide, pricing depends on the location and risk factor of the individual business.

What made you choose WordPress for your marketing site?

When I thought of developing GlobalPay I consulted with a few web developers who wanted a lot of money for my website. At the time I was not able to afford it and I wasn’t able to build trust with any of them due to my lack of expertise in the industry. So, I called my uncle who is a computer programmer and asked him what he thinks. Instantly he mentioned WordPress, within 48 hours I found myself beginning to build GlobalPay’s official website.

Do the security concerns regarding WordPress worry you, given that you are in the payments industry?

Yes it did, although I take every security measure possible with WordPress I am aware of the risk and therefore customer information is never on our servers but on the processor’s servers where they are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How did you go about selecting a hosting provider for your site?

I’ve been with GoDaddy many years (for my DJ’s website) and simply chose them, they have excellent customer service and this is one thing I am always looking for.

You are using Godaddy Website Protection. How has your experience been with them?

GoDaddy Website Protection team is extremely helpful, the one time I had an issue they instantly logged in into my servers and fixed the problem within 4 hours. More than anything, not only they are very reliable but also very affordable.

What was the thinking behind choosing a specialized WordPress backup solution?

In order to prevent any future problems and to save all the hard work that has been put into the website, I believe it is an obligation and a responsibility of any site owner to back up their website database whenever possible.

We obviously very strongly believe that backups should be 3rd party but we do see many site-owners trusting their hosting provider itself. Did you consider the backup provided by the hosting provider itself?

No, I never even considered it after stories I’ve heard of hackers breaking into a server and erasing all the content from it including backup. I strongly believe that backups should be done only by a 3rd party in order to maximize protection and minimize problems.

How has your experience been with blogVault – any suggestions?

One thing I really liked about blogVault is the quick customer service I received the first time I emailed them. The system has been much easier and quicker to set up than different backup systems I’ve tried in the past. The best feature I like is the option to test the backup and see if it works as it should be before restoring in a case where someone would need immediate restorations.

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