What Features a Good WordPress WooCommerce Plugin must Provide?

Dec 20, 2017

What Features a Good WordPress WooCommerce Plugin must Provide?

Dec 20, 2017

Features of a WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

Features of a WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is one of the most popular free ecommerce wordpress plugins. Because of its easy to use. It has become very popular among the product and website owners. The best part about this tool is that it provides the platform for the shop owners and the website developers both to come and plan their website and launch it among their customers as well.  

In addition to it, you must also understand that running the woocommerce site isn’t any easy task, as a website developer you are going to have lots of responsibilities. What you are going to do is, to make pre-plans before executing the work.  Along with the responsibilities of site creation, you got to protect your site as well. You know the cyber crimes are quite smart now with the help of modern technologies. So as a website owner, or developer, or writer you must have the remedies to protect your site from these issues –


I think this one’s is the biggest threat for any site in the world. You can see how many different types of virus, malware, spywares are there. They can not only disturb your site, but can also make it a threat for all the viewers who will be opening it. So your site must be properly protected from the hacking and malware tension.

Server crashes

Creating sites like WooCommerce gives you large site requirements at times. You can’t just depend on the same data you are having for your LIVE production site. If the server crashed, your data will be lost. So it’s a time to have a backup solution for your site. The backup solutions will be the best answer for any kind of problems related to server crashes for the site.

Sudden disasters

Only server crashes aren’t all, there are problems like battery downtime, electric cut off, system timeout that can irritate you with their unwanted presence. So you got to protect your precious creation from them right! How you will be doing it, is by having a backup for your site.

You might be thinking that though I am talking about backups, but how you will be taking backups is still a secret. Well not now, because I will reveal this secret here itself. With the help of the best WordPress woocommerce backup plugins, you will be able to take a real time backup of your site and its data as well.

Here I will be telling you about the best ways a backup plugin can help you to protect your site –

  1. Data Backup

Automatic data backup is one of the best features of a good real time backup plugin. You can’t take any chance on your precious creation right! So backing up of data is a compulsory requirement for you to have all your data safely secured. Though there are many different kinds of data backup, like the real time, incremental, versioned. Each and every backup has their own importance, but the real time backup solution acts best especially when you are creating any large site, or require to work on it many a times.  

Real times backups can be a literally good solution for sites like woocommerce. With the use of best plugins, you can have all your backups secured with encryption. I also suggest you to opt for the plugins that provide you the independent access and restore options, as this will prevent you from any kind of problem at times the site is down.

Data Backup

Data Backup

  1. Staging & Migration

Believe it or not, they are now the most essential parts of a plugin that claims to provide all source of backups to any site. Site creation isn’t any game, it needs lots of processing and testings. And any kind of problem in it can create disturbance and misunderstanding for the viewers/users/customers, resulting the defaming of the site. So a proper testing of the site is a must required term.

With staging feature, you can make use of the site and test it as well. The process of testing your site with the exact clone of it will not only give you a preview of the site’s look, but will also allow you to test it before making it a LIVE production site. You can also edit your site as per your wish. All in all, your site will be totally error-free and complete from all the ways.

Similarly, migrating the sites is required on frequent basis. Though it is seen as a tough task, but the use of proper plugins will really help you out to perform this task easily. BlogVault, BackupBuddy, UpDraftPlus are some of the plugins that are popular for providing easy migration processes.

From these points, I am sure now you have known it at least that having a backup solution is really necessary. Now let’s throw light on the facts that make it important for everyone.

Having Real time WooCommerce backup solution is really very necessary from the following point of view –

  1. It makes your Data Secure

The very first thing that you will experience by the use of real time backup solution is, the full on data security.  As all of your data will be saved, actually copied, so there will be no problem regarding the data loss. You can sure of your data’s security by using the backup plugins. BlogVault can be a good WordPress woocommerce plugin in this process.

  1. You can Access data anytime

Though the copied data will be kept in a separate, independent place, you will be able to access it anytime while you are working with the same data. By using the plugins with the automatic backups, you will be able to automatically run the different backup forms, usually used once in every 24 hours, so that your data gets updated on regular basis. It will be really better if you are opting for any plugin with a complete backup solution.

  1. All data will be Encrypted

It’s the best form of data security, your site’s data will be encrypted, thereby making it really hard for the hackers to crack it. So in this way, your data and your site will be completely safe and secure. Applying real time backups tracks and save the changes to your site as when they happen. And data encryption will add an extra layer of security for your precious site creation.

  1.  Editing and manipulation Ease

Not only the best plugins ensure the data safety and security, but they also provide you the best platform to edit and manipulate your data wherever you will require it. The editing, saving and deleting options is a must for a site to become completely error-free. So now you got to choose for the backup plugins that could provide you all these features in a single platform.

So here was the blog that told you about the Woocommerce site and need of a proper real time backup solution regarding it. You can use plugins like BlogVault, Updraftplus and many more like this top get all the features I have described here. So, this ends up the Blog for now, I hope you have liked it, please do share it with your friends as well. Thanks for reading.            


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