Real-time Backups for WooCommerce Sites

WooCommerce sites cannot afford to lose even a single order. Our real-time WooCommerce backup plugin captures every order and other important events happening on your site. It does all this without slowing down your website.

Backup all Orders As They Take Place

Every major action on a WooCommerce site triggers an event. Placing an order is such an event. BlogVault’s WooCommerce backup plugin captures every event as they happen and stores it in its own cloud.

No Extra Load on Site

BlogVault real-time backups are optimized to put minimal load on your site. We ensure that only the changes related to the event are captured and nothing else.

Recover Anytime with 365 Days of Backups

You can go back and restore from any of the backups going back up to 365 days. It gives you the ability to debug complex issues.

Restore Site Without Losing Any Orders

BlogVault real-time backups gives you the ability to restore your site such that the orders are retained, but the rest of the site is rolled back.

How Does BlogVault Real-time WooCommerce Backup Plugin Works?

Capture Triggered Events

BlogVault listens to all critical events taking place on the site.

Pull Events at Regular Intervals

Our servers poll for new events at regular intervals. This ensures minimal load on the site.

Store Data Safely in Cloud

We store all the data safely on our cloud servers.

Our agency has trusted BlogVault for nearly 10 years

As with any agency, we have tested other solutions during that time so as to make sure we’re always offering the best for our clients. Every time we’ve come back to Blogvault. Not only can we always trust their backups, we also trust their experience as it has helped us in a few unique situations.

Rex Boyd, Intersect Marketing Group

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