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Advanced Filters allows you to filters for any post type you have or plan to create. Also with this plugin you get a nice admin area page where you can create your filters. Then select the type of filter and enter filtering values. For example, for size, you can enter values like 80cm-100cm etc. The good thing about this WordPress post filter plugin is that is part of a mini “platform” plugin – Sort able. So you get all the options of the parent plugin plus the filters. Therefore you can select (via shortcode attribute) what type of theme to use, how the posts will be sorted or what type of views to use.

Advantage of Using Premium WordPress Post Filter Plugin

What’s the thing that every plugin lacks and Sortable Advanced Filters has? Here are some of the advantages I have noticed:

●Part of the CodeCanyon community – This platform has high standards of adding new plugins to their platform
●Support – Every premium plugin offers support, which means that the creator is actually interested in offering support and would be quicker to respond to queries
●Part of a larger platform – With the Sortable plugin you can specify what type of interface you actually desire and it is specific to your website
●FIltering options – you can choose slider as well as another normal type of filters, and configure them to work as you like

Installation of Advanced Filters

Here is the trick – as this is a child plugin of Sortable, you will first need to install the parent plugin, or even better it’s free sibling – Sortable Lite. That way you get to use any Sortable addon, with paying like $9 on average per addon and get the parent plugin free.

You can follow these guidelines to install it:

1. Download and install Sortable or Sortable Lite plugin
2. Purchase and download file from CodeCanyon
3. In the WordPress, back-end go in Plugins > Add New ( and Select Upload
4. Upload and activate the plugin
5. Click on the Sortable > Filters menu item
6. Create a shortcode from the generator
7. Paste [sortable] in some of your pages/posts to display Sortable posts loop

How to Use:

Open the Filters page in the WP Admin > Sortable > Filters area. Click on the Add New Filter button and a popup like this should appear:

Here are some of the fields you need to enter:

– Order number: This needs to be a NUMBER that would order the position of the filter item in the filters sidebar, starting from 1 – 100
– Post type: Select any post type you need this filter
– Filter name: Enter the name that will appear as title for the filter item in the sidebar (example, Sizes, Price etc)
– Filter type: Check Boxes is the default view (multiple selections shows on/off filters and single selection shows the normal checkboxes), Sliders are perfect for numeric values, Dropdowns are simple selection dropdown.
– Multiple selections: Allow multiple selection or disable it and allow only single selection

Editing Filter Values

All filters that you enter for a particular post type are available in the post edit page. For that particular post type for you to select the value for that post. For example, if you create a Price filter you can set the price in a meta box appearing just below the post WYSIWYG editor.


After you select your value and select that filter on the front side it will show you that post as belonging to a particular filter value.


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