Guest Post Guidelines for BlogVault Blog

With over 20,000 customers, BlogVault is one of the most comprehensive and popular security solutions in the market. Our goal with the blog is to provide readers with quality and information-rich content around WordPress and its ecosystem with a focus on backup and security.

We are always on the lookout for brilliant and outstanding contributors who have a passion for sharing their experience and knowledge. If you think you have this zeal, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a guideline that’ll help you understand what we are looking for from your side.

What do we look in a Post?

The Topic:

  • The topic must be related to WordPress and it’s ecosystem with a heavy focus on backup and security.
  • The topic must be unique and hasn’t been covered before in the BlogVault blog.
Writing advice:

  • Research well on the topic before writing the post. Try to use topic-related keywords and phrases as well. For instance, for a topic like ‘How Good are the Backups that Web Hosts Provide?’ we’d want you to use keywords like web host backups, website backups, etc.
  • We value high-quality, simply-written and descriptive posts. The post must be interesting to read and data-driven. Our blog is the best place to understand what we are talking about.
  • Make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes. English might not be your mother tongue but you should be sound with the language. You can always use free tools to find and fix grammatical errors in your content.
  • The content should be of 1500 – 3000 words. Please, note that we can’t accept anything less than 1500 words.
Formatting the Post:

  • Use proper headings, sub-headings, and bold phrases to bring the reader attention to important points.
  • Use proper paragraph breaks, number lists, and bullet points to make the content look well formatted.
  • Use images as required to make the content better and more understandable for the readers. The images should have a minimum width of 800 pixels.
  • Proper attributions should be given for data acquired from other websites.
  • All the links in the content should be relevant to the topic and not only links to the personal website.
  • Kindly take a look at our blog for a better understanding of how to format a post.
Contributor information

  • Avoid using a pen name. We want you to keep your identity real among our readers.

What we won’t accept?

  • Content that has been published elsewhere. We don’t republish content.
  • A topic that has already been covered in our blog.
  • A post that contains too many links and also, we do not want affiliate links placed in the post.
  • Any offensive or inaccurate content will be rejected.
  • Any topic that is not relevant for our website.

How to Submit Your Post

  • Kindly submit the complete post as an HTML or Word Doc.
  • Images should be properly placed in the posts. Also, submit them in a separate folder.
  • Include a separate Doc file with a short bio (50-60 words) about yourself with a maximum of one anchor text link to your website.

If the article you submitted meets all our editorial standard then we’ll get back to you. We receive a large number of requests each day and the process may take up to 2 weeks. Kindly be patient.

Submit Your Post

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