How to Add Sites to the BlogVault Dashboard

There are two ways to add a site to your BlogVault dashboard.
One way is to click on the ‘+’ button on the Menu Bar. You can access the Menu Bar from anywhere on the BlogVault dashboard.


Menu bar_Add site


Another way, is to click on the ‘Add Site’ button, which you will see at the top of the Site Listings page.


Site Listing_Add Site


Clicking on either the ‘+’ button or the ‘Add Site’ button will take you to the following form:


The Add Site Form


Enter the URL of the site you would like to add, and click on ‘Next Step’. You will be taken to the ‘Install Plugin’ phase, where by default, the form will show you the ‘Auto’ option.

The ‘Auto’ option allows for the automatic installation of the plugin. You will only have to enter your WordPress credentials, and HTTP Basic Authentication (if applicable) for this mode of installation.


Add Site_Auto form


If you would rather manually install the plugin, you can click on ‘Manual’. Doing so will display the following options:


Add Site_Manual form


If you have the BlogVault plugin already installed, the dashboard will identify this, and you will not have to go through the process of downloading or installing the plugin again. You can test your installation of the BlogVault plugin as well in the next step, after installation.


And that’s it! Once the dashboard detects the plugin on your site, and you’ve added it to the dashboard, your site will backup automatically.