How to Change the Password Associated with My BlogVault account?

If you’d like to change the password you use to sign in to your BlogVault account, click on the ‘Profile Settings’ tab under ‘My Account’ on the Menu Bar.


My Account_ProfileSettings


This will take you to the following screen:


My Profile


To change the password used to log in to your BlogVault account, click on the ‘Change Password’ button. When you click on this button, you will see:


Account Settings_My Profile_Change Password


You will be required to enter your current BlogVault password (for verification purposes), along with the password you would like to enforce for your BlogVault account. If you’ve entered your current password correctly, clicking on the ‘Continue’ button will ensure that you’ll have to enter the new password to log in.

If you don’t remember your old (current) password, click here: Forgot password