How do I see the details of my billing cycle, or my current BlogVault subscription?

At a glance, information related to your current BlogVault subscription can be accessed from the ‘My Account’ drop-down.


Your current BlogVault plan at a glance


Details related to your billing cycle and payments can be accessed by clicking on the My Account tab of the Menu Bar, and clicking on ‘Billing and Invoices.


My Account_Billing and Payment


As a part of the Menu Bar, your Billing and Invoice details can be accessed no matter where you are on the BlogVault dashboard.

Once you click on ‘Billing & Invoices’, you will see the details related to your Billing cycle, which include:

    1. How much you’re paying per month
    2. When your billing cycle was created and when your next cycle begins
    3. The details of your BlogVault plan
      1. The number of sites you’ve added
      2. The storage space allocated for your backups
      3. the maximum number of sites you can add to your BlogVault dashboard according to the plan you have chosen


Account Settings_Billing


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