My Hosting Company Already Does Regular Backups! Why Do I Need BlogVault

Oct 25, 2017

My Hosting Company Already Does Regular Backups! Why Do I Need BlogVault

Oct 25, 2017


The web hosting industry is incredibly competitive, so many hosting providers offer value-added services such as free backups to their customers free of cost as a means to differentiate themselves. And while some sort of a backup is better than no backup at all, it certainly doesn’t check all the boxes when it comes down to taking a complete, reliable backup of your WordPress website. So, do you really need to sign up for a premium backup solution if your hosting company already does regular backups? The short answer is: yes. And in this post, we’ll take a look at why you need a premium backup service for your site and what features it brings to the table. But before we begin, let’s take a look at the issues you can potentially run into if you go with web hosting backups.

The Problem With Web Hosting Backups

There are a number of different scenarios where you might find yourself needing a backup of your WordPress website. It may be because of a software-related issue during upgrades, host failures, or a simple case of human error. Whatever the case may be, when your site crashes, you need to restore a backed up version of it pronto. For this reason, it’s important that the backup solution provider you rely on is reputable, fast, and helps you restore your site from a backup. This, however, is not the case with the backup feature offered by web hosts. Here are some of the most common problems with web hosting backups:

  • Availability. Most web hosting companies offer free, automatic backups with their advanced hosting plans and charge a little extra for users on their basic plans. In addition to this, some of them will only backup your site automatically if it’s within their website size limit.
  • Coverage. WordPress websites consist of databases and files. It’s important to know exactly what your web hosting provider is backing up and whether or not you have access to it. This way, you’ll be prepared for when your site goes down.
  • Frequency. How often your site needs to be backed up varies from website to website. If your hosting provider takes a backup once every week then you could lose important data if your site crashes.
  • Storage. While web hosts claim to take regular backups of your site, not all of them store multiple versions of it. What’s more is that the backups they do store aren’t encrypted. This means that it’s entirely possible for your site’s backup to be tampered with in case of a security breach on your web host’s end.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at why you might be better off with a high-end backup service for your WordPress website and what features you can expect to get from it.

BlogVault Backups vs. Hosting Company Backups

Even if your WordPress web hosting provider offers free, regular backups, you might find that it isn’t enough when your website actually gets hacked or crashes. For starters, web hosts don’t offer auto restore functionality. What this means is that if (or should I say, when) your site crashes, you’re left on your own to restore it. For those of you who aren’t particularly technically inclined or simply don’t want to have to figure it out on the spot, you’re better off with a complete WordPress backup service – like BlogVault. Here’s why:

BlogVault Is Optimised for WordPress

Many web hosts that offer free backups will create a backup for you without taking its structure into consideration. As you probably already know, WordPress sites are very organized on the backend and consist of two parts: database and files. And because of this, a WordPress site isn’t like any other site even if your web hosting provider thinks so.
BlogVault is designed to create complete backups of WordPress websites specifically. What you get are optimised backups that have everything you need and nothing extra. This is made possible because of BlogVault’s incremental approach to taking backups. Behind the scenes, the backup service identifies any changes that have been made to your site since the last sync and only stores those. The great thing about BlogVault backups is that they’re smaller in size and much faster to restore than those taken by your web host.

BlogVault Lets You Auto Restore and Test Restore Your Site

If your WordPress website ever crashes or is deleted by hackers then BlogVault’s auto restore functionality can help you get it back up in no time. What it does is it basically restores your site’s most recent backup to its hosting server without any manual intervention from you, the website’s owner.
In addition to this, BlogVault also offers a test restore feature that enables users to pick out a backup of their site and load it onto BlogVault’s test server to make sure it’s working properly. This way, if you accidentally crash your site during development then you can revert back to a fully functional version of it without any hassle.

BlogVault Offers Multiple, Encrypted Backups Stored on Different Servers

A major problem with having your web hosting provider store your site’s backup is that you’re left with little to no options if your server crashes. This is especially true for websites that are hosted on shared hosting plans.With BlogVault, however, you can rest assured that your WordPress site’s backups are secure since multiple copies of a single backup are stored in different locations – independent of your site or the server it’s hosted on. BlogVault stores encrypted copies of your site’s backups on their own servers and on Amazon S3 servers.


Having a high-end backup solution in place for your WordPress website is fundamental. All you have to do is set it up and then you can stop worrying about losing your site’s data once and for all.

Let’s quickly recap why you should go with a premium backup solution as opposed to your web host’s backups:

  1. It is optimised for WordPress and keeps your backup files manageable.
  2. You’ll have the option to auto restore and test restore your site.
  3. You can rest assured that multiple, encrypted backups of your site are stored on different servers.

Are you ready to make the switch from hosting provider backups to all-inclusive BlogVault backups? We’d love to hear from you so let us know by commenting below!

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