best WordPress backup plugin for 2018

BlogVault – Best BackupPlugin 2018

If you are in Content Marketing, you might have a close attachment with WordPress. After all, this open source, free CMS allows you to manage and post your online papers from a single platform. That’s the reason, why nearly 28.8% of all website use WordPress as CMS and it is the most widely used site for Content Management System by users. So why not choose the best WordPress backup plugin for 2018 for your special WordPress site.

But how will you make the Data completely secure?

Of course,  there’s a huge need of a proper data security plugin in WordPress. I am talking regarding it, as you know what a fine graph of the cyber crimes is there in the internet world. The professional sites are always in the target of the hackers to send malware and destroy the data in the site. And so to prevent these, there is the requirement of the software that could provide you the features to make your data free and safe from these problems.

Best Plugin For Backing Up Your WordPress Websites

Backup plugins are as compulsory as other plugins. Publishers often ignore to install backup to save their online work, as they think it could be easily done humanly. But,  I have seen many people who forget to run a backup at the end of a tiresome day or on a regular basis.

You need to backup your WordPress website data, every time you make a change. The reason is, having a backup of your written work will prevent severe data losses in case of accidental or intentional malfunctioning of the website. In short, backups give you peace of mind.

Some web hosting services also provide the backup feature but you should never count on them. I have heard experiences of people telling their entire blog got deleted by their hosting service providers, including even the backups.  

The best option for you is to opt a backup plugin. They are easy to install and activate on WordPress dashboard. Once installed, they automatically save your everyday work.

One more thing, which you should look for while selecting a backup plugin is, it should be providing full backup, i.e, both website files and database backups. Here I will tell you about one such plugin, thats BlogVault.

best WordPress backup plugin for 2018


How BlogVault can be Helpful for this? Can Blogvault be the best WordPress backup plugin for 2018?

A backup plugin can be really helpful in terms of providing services like –

  • Data backup –

    The most required thing about the data backup is, the data security, more probably the site security. BlogVault provides a complete data security by allowing to perform the automatic backups and also the data restoration as well. BlogVault provides one click data restoration feature, that will save lots of your time and effort as well.

  • Data Security –

     BlogVault features the automatic daily scans that can are the best to detect any malware ifit will occur in your database, from anywhere. There is the one click malware removal system that eliminates all the malware or virus problem in the site.

  • Data management –

    The tools also features illuminating data management process. You can edit the files and site as per you want. You can also perform many updates that may be required by you at times, and can also manage the user roles accordingly.

  • Action Oriented –

    The tool also offers you to perform the complex actions like staging and migration, so that you should not have to spend large hours of your time to complete the process. BlogVault offers one click setup, and zero downtime migration as well.   

  • Threat protection –

    You can be completely safe from the threats like hosting issues, the malware/hacks, human errors, natural disasters, storage issues, server crashes and other site accidents. You can also set the incompatible plugins and themes according to your requirement in the site. They are responsible for the overall site’s functioning.

  • Well maintenance –

    BlogVault offers quick data processing and tasks performance. Whatever the work you will do, will be in a completely organised form. Unlike other plugins, the dashboard will not surround with lots of complexities, you can see it practically as well. Also, you can check for the features provided by this tool, all are in a well maintained format. You will not face any difficulty while working with this tool.

Backup Your Content With BlogVault

It requires WordPress version 4.0. It first backup the entire website including file and database and then does incremental backups. It is not free, however, it provides 7 days free trial and is cheaper than other alternatives. It works well with larger sites with GBs of data. The best thing is, it saves backups in encrypted form.

WordPress is an open source CMS, which means its source code is open to everyone for collaborative progression/regression. An open software is more vulnerable to data thefts and hacks. That’s why users keep nagging on the security of WordPress.

Using BlogVault for your data backup can help you out to make sure that your data isn’t getting lost in any form. With BlogVault you can not only perform the basic wordpress task, but you can go through the intense tasks like staging and migration as well. It can save lots of your time and effort, also the data handling process run smooth and in an organised manner.   

Security plugins like BlogVault are loaded with wide range of additional features to reduce security lapses. Apart from using security plugins, you should always keep your WordPress installation updated.

So with the help of BlogVault, you can easily get all your data backup and also ensure the complete security of your wordpress site as well.


In this way BlogVault can be literally one of the best WordPress Backup plugin for 2018. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to use this tool for taking the backup of your wordpress site.

This post is a non commercial organic post. I won’t get any commission if you use or buy any of the above-mentioned tools. The tools I mentioned here are based on the curated experiences of my friends and myself.

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