All WordPress backup plugins archive many days of backup at any given point of time. blogVault too stores up to 30 days of backup for your use. As WordPress users, we rarely bother about these backup versions until calamity strikes. It is only when we are in the middle of a crash or a hack that we look at reverting to a backup. But how do we identify the right backup version to go back to? Most often a plugin upgrade or a file change results in some kind of breakage on our site. However, this rarely comes to our notice immediately. It is only a day or two later that we notice that something’s wrong. In such cases, it is a challenge to identify what caused the issue and when the breakage happened. Only when we have this information, we can really identify the correct backup version for restoring our site.

blogVault’s History feature makes it really easy to find the right backup. The History page includes details like which plugins were updated and how many posts were added. The changes are highlighted in a different color to make identification very simple. This was recently put to test when a customer came to us with a problem. Our client, CW, recently did an auto restore and found that that the access rights were messed up. The admin of their company was no longer able to access the site. We browsed through their backup history and found that permalink configuration was the issue. A number of plugins were updated on their sites a couple of days before and we suspected one of to be the culprit.

We quickly reverted the customer’s site to the backup version that was created just before the plugin update. As we expected, the problem was resolved. Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer.


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