how to backup a wordpress blog

How to Backup WordPress Blogs?

WordPress has been really a very good platform for all the Bloggers and entrepreneurs to showcase their blogs in the most beautiful way possible. With the help of the most attractive plugins and themes one has make a great use of this platform for writing and manipulating their content.

Well along with the creation of the database, I consider the backup of them equally necessary. Backup is the process of copying the data that you are creating, so that it would not get lost in case of any uncertainty like –

  • Data Hacking – The hackers can take your data and misuse them.
  • Server crashes – It can crash due to reasons like overload of data or site downfall.
  • Malware – Any malware can disturb your site and cause problems like data loss.
  • Malfunctioning – Site can malfunction due to incompatible plugins and themes.
  • Additional –  Problems like Natural disasters, battery timeout, electricity problem etc.  

So now there arises a great need to protect your site from all these problems and make it a really good one. For this you can take the help from the best data backup plugins like BlogVault, UpDraftplus, BackupBuddy etc.

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How is BlogVault helpful in taking the Backup of your Site?

So how to backup a WordPress blog using BlogVault? BlogVault offers you this many features to take the backup of your site, which you need to know –

  • It provides Data Backup

You can easily take the data backup as per your requirement. BlogVault has many features related to the overall data backup of the site that you need for a complete site protection. It offers the automatic daily backups, that can save all the data you edit daily.

The types of backup that Blogvault provides is –

Incremental backup – This one’s is taking the backup of the data that’s edited in the wordpress site on everyday basis. If you have the Incremental backup system ON in your database, the you can easily take the backups on automatic basis, means you don’t need to do it manually.

On demand backups – You can either perform the on demand backups for your database as well. This backup will allow you to specify your content as an external input when starting a backup. In this way you can specify your content each time you opt for this backup type.

Backup validation – Backup validation is the process where the site owners can see the whole process of their data as how it was backed up. This feature is easily provided by BlogVault in order to see the risk of data loss(if there will be any). You can even use the free trial option that BlogVault provides.

  • It provides Data restoring

Data restoring is yet another feature that is a must for any backup tool to provide for a complete data protection. Data restoring is a process that lets you to access the data anytime you want to use it. Wherever you data will be, you will be able to use it for your WordPress.

The restoring features that BlogVault provides is –

Auto restore – This is the automatic restoration of data, especially helpful in taking the backup at times your server crashes. With BlogVault, you can restore your site with a single click. With this you can easily access your data in the WordPress site everytime you want to.

Data backup also involves a complete data security of the wordpress site and its content you are creating. Realtime automatic backups that you are taking must be malware-free, but as we never what can happen next, so there’s a need to detect the malware in case it occurs.

With Blogvault, you can easily detect the malware and eliminate them as well. Here are the features for it –

Malware Scanning – With the use of features like automatic malware and hacking scanning, one can easily detect the malware if it will be present in the site. With proper site monitoring, you can easily keep an eye on your data and its making as well.

Malware removal – Similarly when you will discover the malware, you can easily eliminate them by using the most advanced technology. Blogvault provide one click malware removal setup, that can easily eliminate all the malware from your site.     

Login Protection – This is for the protection of the overall site and its data as well. The login protection with strong passwords and unique usernames will prevent any hacking attempts to go through your site, resulting in the safety of your site.

Data encryption also comes in this way. By doing this you can simply prevent any unwanted person/user to enter into your site and see your creation. This is a very effective way to prevent your data from any loss and most importantly getting it hacked.   

  • It provides Staging and Migration Set up

Staging as we all know is an important requirement to check, edit and manipulate the site for any changes that needs to be done. Similarly with the migration as well, as it may be a daunty one to choose but its not at all that complex like people usually think. With BlogVault you can prepare the one click staging setup. Also you can perform one click migration setup as well.

The one click staging and migration setup will be extremely time saving for you. You will also save lots of efforts and confusion problems will not occur as well. Meaning there will be smooth and proper work for you to understand things will much ease.

So in this way Blogvault can help you out on how to backup a WordPress blog. Along with the backup you must also notice the features that are there for the protection of your site/blog. Taking the backup of your WordPress blog will be a really nice step to protect your data from every sort. You may also check out for the other data backup plugins that could provide you the same feature that you are searching for.

So here I end up my article, I hope you have liked it. Thanks for reading.