Migrate Guru the Duplicator Alternative

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Looking for an alternative to Duplicator? Migrate Guru makes WordPress migrations easy. We focus on making the migration process as stress-free and fast as possible. Hundreds of businesses use Migrate Guru because of its zero-downtime guarantee, and reliability… Oh, and it’s 100% free.


If you’re considering Duplicator, here are a few ways you get more value with Migrate Guru:


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But don’t take our word for it…

Check it out for yourself! Migrate Guru is 100% free to use.

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When you have to migrate your WordPress site to a new hosting service, time is of the essence. This is why WordPress migration plugins are so popular.Not only do they promise to make the migration process simpler, but also help you do it faster. But are all WordPress migration plugins the same? Here’s how Migrate Guru compares to Duplicator!


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[mks_toggle title=”Automatic or Manual?” state=”open”]With Migrate Guru, the migration process is fully automatic. There is no other installation, download or configuration required. Duplicator on the otherhand, is very hands-on.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Minimum number of steps required” state=”close”]Migrate Guru helps you migrate your site, as long as you have your destination’s details. Simply input them into the plugin, click ‘Migrate’, and verify your email address. That’s it. With Duplicator, you will need to perform 12 steps from creating a package to filling up a form to get the URLs updated.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Live Site Crashes” state=”close”] When you use Migrate Guru to migrate your site, the plugin contacts our servers, and uses our server resources to move a copy of your site to the destination you choose. Duplicator relies on your live site’s resources to move your site. Depending on your server resources and the size of your site, this process could crash your site even before the migration is complete.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Source Server Utilization” state=”close”]Since Migrate Guru uses our servers, there is no load on your site at all. You will not have this guarantee with Duplicator or other migration plugins simply because they use your source site’s server resources to move a copy of your site to your destination.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Limit on site size in free version” state=”close”]No matter the size of your site, Migrate Guru moves it to the destination without any hiccups or glitches. Most WordPress migration plugins have limits in this regard. The migration could time out, fail, or simply not progress, depending on the size of the site.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Supports/Allows for multisite migrations” state=”close”]Most migration plugins (including Duplicator) usually require a paid subscription or a separate add-on. Another option would be to install the plugin on each of the subsites in the network and migrate them individually, but this is a very complicated, and risky route to take. Migrate Guru makes things easy. To move your entire WordPress multisite network, all you have to do is install the plugin on the network. The plugin automatically becomes ‘network activated’, meaning it allows you to move the entire network as if it were one single site.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Migrations to and from any host” state=”close”]With Migrate Guru, you can move your WordPress site to any destination host in the world, without any problems whatsoever. All you need, are your destination’s cPanel or FTP details.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Automatic email alerts” state=”close”]Both Migrate Guru and Duplicator let you know of the progress of the migration process, via emails.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Real-time Progress Display” state=”close”]Duplicator doesn’t notify you of your site’s migration progress in real time. When you use Migrate Guru to move a WordPress site, you’re taken to a real-time progress page on which you can see how far along the migration is, at any point in time.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Zero downtime migrations” state=”close”]Since Duplicator uses quite a manual-approach to migrations (it asks you to fill in a form to replace URLs according to your new site), you cannot be assured of zero downtime migration. However, with Migrate Guru, the process (including URL redirection) is fully automatic.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Plugin to be installed on destination” state=”close”]Most WordPress migration plugins (including Duplicator) need to be installed on both the source (i.e. live) and destination sites. When you use Migrate Guru, you need to only install it on the live site.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Average Migration Time” state=”close”]The time Duplicator takes to migrate your WordPress sites depends on the size of your site, and your live site’s server resources. Migrate Guru, on the other hand, takes under 12 minutes for a site of 500 MB[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Largest Site Size Handled” state=”close”]Migrations of sites close to 200 GB are a breeze with Migrate Guru, but since Duplicator’s process uploads the archive file to your destination in chunks, there is no assurance that it can handle a large WordPress site.[/mks_toggle] [mks_toggle title=”Technical knowledge required” state=”close”]Duplicator requires technical knowledge in order to configure the tool. Migrate Guru, on the other hand, needs you to only know the FTP or cPanel details of your destination site.