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We have worked with many businesses in resolving their issues related to site failures and migration. Many of them were happy to share their experiences while using blogVault with the rest of the world. Here are some excerpts from their articles.

“BlogVault is the best service I’ve tested and it will restore a site in minutes, exactly as before: complete with all site modifications including plugins and formatting.” – Online business

“blogVault is a super simple service for backing up your WordPress website that deserves a consideration for any website owner.”- WPhub WPHub

“blogVault makes the online backup process simple and stress-free.” – Small Business TRENDS smallbiztrends

“blogVault is offering a very needed service to self-hosted WordPress bloggers.” – hightechdad

“Catering specifically to WordPress users is blogVault, a complete backup service that will ensure your WordPress site stays safe, no matter what.” – John Chow JC

“We’ve tried numerous backup system for WordPress websites and have discovered the best backup system available.  It is blogVault, the top rated backup system in our view.” – Cool International coolintl

“I stumbled upon blogVault in April 2012 and I’m so glad that I have, for the last 12 months or so I’ve slept safe and sound with the knowledge that my blog finally had a decent enough backup plan.” – Magnet4Marketing magnet4marketing

“The last thing any of us want to see or hear is that our WordPress driven web site or blog has been corrupted of hacked. For times like these you must have a service like blogVault” – WordPress tutorials

“The services rendered by this company make for ensuring the safety of not only a blog’s content but also of its every structural nuance.” – KillerStartups killerstartups

“blogVault is an excellent solution for small business owners who simply don’t have time to fuss with the backup process.” – SOHO Marketer SOHOMarketer

“ blogVault is a backup plugin where you really can press a button and see your site restored. Not only that, the customer service is superlative.” – Milli Thornton

“blogVault works, without any noticeable impact to my site visitors page load times. It’s fairly simple to setup in just a few minutes.” – tinkertry

“Outstanding customer service!” – Careful Cash carefulcash

“Blogvault is another popular WordPress backup tool with competitive pricing and features, including a 7-day free trial” – Forbes forbes

“blogVault comes with a 7-day trial which includes a full-refund should you not be happy with the service. This means you can give it a try without risking any money” – wplift wplift

“A proprietary service that can fully automate your WordPress backup solution, blogVault will appeal to WordPress power users who don’t want to be concerned with anything but the content of their site.” – Computer World computerworld

“I strongly suggest not only getting a proper off-site secure back up for your blog, but going to a top-notch service like blogVault.” – Moms Make Money MCMM