Real-time WordPress Backup with BlogVault

BlogVault’s Real-time WordPress backup ensures that you never lose any of your site’s data. It’s perfect for sites that have continuous or frequent, arbitrary changes happening throughout the day. With this feature, your site is backed up with every change made. 

You no longer have to wait for the daily scheduled backup to fire… BlogVault backs up changes as they happen.


The Problem with Daily WordPress Backups

Every popular WordPress backup plugin today performs automatic, scheduled backups every 24 hours. However, daily backups aren’t sufficient for sites like forums, ecommerce sites, news sites, booking sites, etc. What if your site goes down and the last backup you have was made 16 hours ago?

Even if getting your site back up and running will only take a few minutes, daily backups means you’ll have to check if  your site has all the data it should have. Any data between the time the site crashed and the latest backup could be lost. You may have added a new post or received comments on earlier posts. What’s worse, identifying the data you lost and rebuilding it can take up a lot of time despite having backups. Rewriting an entire article is no easy task unless you have a copy stashed away on your computer. Comments are irretrievable. Sites with a lot of activity, and much visibility stand to lose not just visitors and customers, but reputation as well.

You might argue that this falls into the rarest of rare situations, but the point is that disaster management is all about being prepared for accidents (which hopefully, happen only rarely).

With BlogVault’s real-time WordPress backup, every update to your site is backed up immediately. You don’t need to set up a separate schedule for backup. If you have a site outage and revert back to the latest backup, you don’t need to check for lost data. Every change is backed up in real-time. You never have to worry about losing a single post or a comment.


The Problem with Regular Real-time WordPress Backups

There are a couple of problems even with real-time backups though:

  1. If you’re using a WordPress backup plugin that works from your site, it’ll put a tremendous load on your server.
    This could result in slower load-times, or could even crash your site.
  2. Most traditional backup solutions need you to configure a storage destination. The problem with a regular real-time backup solution, in this case, is that since it backs up your entire site every time, it’ll eat up your storage space very quickly.


How BlogVault’s Real-time WordPress Backups Are Better

BlogVault performs incremental backups. BlogVault Real-time WordPress backupsThis means the plugin only picks the changes that triggered a backup.

In the event of an outage, BlogVault will recreate your entire site from these incremental backups stored  securely in independent offsite locations.

Moreover, BlogVault performs all the heavy-lifting on our servers, not yours!

So to sum up, BlogVault doesn’t put a load on your server, or take up your storage space.This is the smartest and the most powerful way of performing backups.

To learn how BlogVault’s real-time WordPress backup works, click here.