​Restore WordPress Sites With A Single Click


Auto Restore allows you to restore WordPress sites and get your business back online quickly & easily.

​Differential Restores Makes BlogVault the Fastest Restores

​​BlogVault’s Auto Restore performs ​differential restore.   BlogVault compares your chosen backup and the files on your server.   It does not delete or replace files.   BlogVault adds the files in the backup to your server.

​Restore WordPress in Only One Click

Full WordPress site, or only files, or only tables... Restoration in only a click away.

Restoring With BlogVault Gives You the Edge

Truly Automatic


With the click of a button you can restore your entire site right from the BV dashboard.   With web hosts or other services, you have to contact them; maybe fill a form, and wait for your site to be restored. Manually restoring a site can be tricky.

Restore Even Large Sites


BlogVault can restore even large sites on shared hosting by performing differential restores.   Often web hosts set time limits on tasks. Restoring large sites may exceed this limit. As a result other tools may not be able to restore your site.

Testing Backups


BlogVault offers easy one-click testing for all backup versions so that you can know exactly how your site will look and work once the backup is restored.   BlogVault is the only backup service to offer this feature.

Restore via BlogVault Even When Your Entire Site Is Down


“Backups aren’t useful unless you can restore your entire site with them, easily.” You can restore your site with Auto Restore right from your BlogVault dashboard at any time; even when your entire site is down. You cannot do this with regular backup plugins.

​Why Is It Important to Restore Your Site Quickly and Easily



​BlogVault Helps You Accurately Choose the Backup You Want to Restore

Choose From 365 Days of backups

  • Wide range of backup versions gives you control, to restore to any point
  • You can always find the right backup version
  • Backup Descriptions- Know What Has Changed Between Two Backups

  • When you know what has changed between backups, it is easy to find the right backup for restoring your site!
  • Add notes to backups so that you and your team mates can always share information easily
  • Blogvault lets you see exactly how your backup will look and function even before you restore it.   ​So, you never have to guess!