Restoring a WordPress site from Dropbox using UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is one of the popular WordPress plugins that lets you use your Dropbox account as an offsite storage location. Backing up your site to Dropbox can be initiated by adding it as a remote storage option and authorizing the plugin to access your account. UpdraftPlus does a 5 way split of your data while creating backup files – database, plugins, themes, uploads, and others.

UpdraftPlus lets you view your backups, including the ones stored in remote destinations, from within the WordPress site. You can restore any chosen version of the backup by clicking the Restore button. You can also opt to restore only a specific part of your site like database or themes.

While this works perfectly well when you’re trying to fix a botched upgrade or hitches during the development stage, site crash is another story. If your site goes down and you re-install the plugin, you can no longer view the backups stored in the remote destinations from within your site. In such cases, you have to resort of the manual method of restoring your site which is complex and error prone. You must rummage through your Dropbox account to identify the right backup files, download them (remember, there are 5 files), upload it manually to the server and finally extract them one by one. The process is time consuming and above all, frustrating when you are in the middle of a site outage. In such cases, the old backup files aren’t deleted by the plugin automatically and will continue to co-exist with the new ones until you remove them manually.

In contrast, a plugin like blogVault maintains backups independently of your WordPress site and supports an excellent history page that enables you to manage everything from a single place.

WordPress stores information such as permalinks in its database which have to re-written intelligently while moving to a new domain/ URL. The free version of UpdraftPlus. On the contrary, blogVault’s migration intelligently rewrites all the URLs in your database so you dont have to worry about any broken links after the movement.

In summary, the restore feature supported by UpdraftPlus is unintuitive and hence complex for most regular WordPress users. Like the plugin’s support page itself indicates, it is recommended to use the manual method instead of the automated process.

Did you know?
blogVault provides a complete and easy to use WordPress backup service.  For more details, click here.

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