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After days of my blog being down & deleted due to server failure, it’s now been fully restored thanks to backups being held at @blogVault

Emma @ Bake Then Eat‏ @BakethenEat

I just renewed my @blogVault subscription. For a not-technical #blogger like me, it’s perfect–easy way to peace of mind!

Elizabeth R. Bain‏ @TrainWithBain

As a web designer, I use BlogVault to backup and migrate all client sites. It’s a life raft I can’t live without. The services are phenomenal, the dashboard and functions are easy to use, but what really continues to stand out to me is the customer support. Absolutely unparalleled. I don’t have other back up services to compare blogVault to, and I never will. I am, without a doubt, a customer for life 🙂

Megan Gray, House of Grays

I use blogVault to back up a couple of my business blogs and what stands out the most is the customer service….if your site crashes, then you are closed. You can’t communicate with prospects, close deals or handle customer service issues. The stability of your site is critical – and a tool like blogVault can ensure the strength of your Web site and your business.

Bryan Haines, guide to Hosting/Online Business

Before using BlogVault, I tried WP Twin and couldn’t get it to work right. Very frustrating. Then I went with BlogVault and it has saved me twice already. The first time was after a simple WordPress upgrade that wiped out my admin area. The second time was when I wanted to move my website to a new domain. The whole process didn’t take more than a few minutes. Incredibly easy to use as well. Plus I loved having customer support in chat to talk me through it… to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes!

Mark Malatesta, Literary Agent Undercover

After i tried several backup expensive solutions and useless plugins, i found blogVault. It saved two of my Blogs twice and i even use it to move sites from one server to another. I also love the test-recovery feature – it save lots of time. The service is outstanding and always willing to assist. Keep going blogVault!

Amos Struck, Stock Photo Press Magazines

So far, am very impressed with BlogVault for backing up WordPress websites.

Thank you Blogvault. You saved me hours of work. If your site isnt backed up by them, back up

Mass Impressions @massimpressions

My blogVault control panel looks impressive with 5 sites onboard! And it’s so reassuring to be protected

Need to back up your blog? Blogvault is the best service around. Excellent support too!

Mike Henry Sr. @mikehenrysr

Wow, this is THE BACKUP Plugin of my dreams! Outstanding. I have tried many WordPress backup plugins and all have downfalls. Blogvault just works and it´s soooo cool. So many options and the best features to have your webs safe. And their customer support is amazing. You do not have to wait days for a response. They are always there for you. Love it! I´m sooo happy I finally found the best backup plugin for WordPress : )

Very good, reliable support! My question was replied very quick and Akshat was very helpful. Unfortunately, the plugin didn‘t work for my purpose, but this was my fault. Got a refund straight away with no questions asked. This wasn‘t customer support, not customer care. It‘s Customer SUCCESS! I can recommend this plugin and service fully. Awesome!

retobachofner (@retobachofner)

I am one of the original users from 0.x version and have gladly supported the team. They are professional, responsive and very kind. It is rare to find a group of tech that will treat you like a king, I highly recommend the plugin and the company. One in a Million. Can’t Be Beat!

kaplanmediagroup (@kaplanmediagroup)

I see a few earlier reviews giving this product a 1-star rating because you have to purchase it. They seem to overlook the value of such an easy means to move a WordPress site as well as have a back-up off-site. My sites are photo- and content-heavy. It takes forever to back them up and moving them was problematic. I sent a text to the developer about moving sites and he responded and solved my problem immediately.

With BlogVault’s tools, I backed-up and moved three WordPress sites yesterday–and I’m a novice–took less than an hour to do them all. My regular developers were considerably less responsive, couldn’t move them with the freebie options and pretty much refused to take them on because it took so long. 

This plugin made it effortless. Briliant!

blaske (@blaske)

It’s such an easy plugin to use and puts your mind at ease. The free version is also good, for those who can’t afford the paid one. They are the cheapest around, and the best in my opinion for professionals and beginners! They also have a great support team.

Well done, I love it!

I have over 10 sites using Blogvault and I’m more than satisfied! And when I have some problem they help me before I asked. I highly recommend Blogvault! This is a must-have plugin.

Annie Bergeron, @clochard333

This plugin has saved my bacon on so many occasions – tonight I made a ridiculous mistake and completely deleted a development site, minutes before the client was to review it. I was able to reinstall WP in a new directory and have BlogVault migrate the last backup into it in the space of 20 minutes – its the best $9 you’ll spend a month.

s a tool for migrating sites from one server to another its absolute gold – I make every client join BlogVault. The first thingI do when I get a new client is backup their existing site to my account.

Finally, the support you get from these guys is top notch too. They answer your emails and they give support – top job Akshat! Fantastic Service and Support.

Works seamlessly with WordPress, giving my websites an extra measure of security.

SpiderSaid, (@spidersaid)

I moved to BlogVault from backupbuddy and I never regret this decision. Works flawlessly. thanks! Best backup plugin ever

I have used almost every free/paid WordPress backup service and I have to say this is the best value by far. VaultPress by WP is cool but pricey for most people including me. It also doesn’t have the features and ease of use this software has. For the cheap $89 for peace of mind, this is a fantastic addition to any WordPress blog on any hosting platform. For those of us who aren’t at the VIP/managed WordPress hosting level, this gives us some protection from hackers and other disasters. Keep up the good work guys.


This plugin is simple to use and will get you out of trouble in minutes, as I just found out when one of my sites broke. The auto restore was a breeze and saved me days of work – Phew!!! Credit where credit is due, well done BlogVault. Excellent service

Best feature is the ability to easily spot a plugin gone wrong since the “History” view will highlight any plugins that changed since the night before. I’ve been using blogVault to backup my VPS hosted site daily for a year now, and have found the test restores very helpful too. Glad the Plugin is now in the WordPress Plugin Directory, avoiding the need for manual install. Sometimes, I go months without thinking about my backups. That’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

Tinkererguy (@tinkererguy)

BlogVault has been a HUGE lifesaver for us in many ways. Backing up and restoring is so surprisingly easy, it’s scary. blogVault has also pretty much transformed the process by which we migrate sites from a lengthy, error-prone process, to a one-click action.

Lastly, I can’t emphasize enough how great the blogVault team has been. Their support is amazing and they have been super responsive to all our needs.

Incredibly useful for web designers and site owners – fantastic support

We have used this to backup all of our dev sites while in the building process. I have had no problems so far, and the migrate site feature will blow your mind. Great plugin, service, and support

nwmcinc (@nwmcinc)

I’ve used this plugin for a couple years now and I love it. Makes migrating my sites an absolute breeze. And the support from the team has been beyond any of my expectation. I recommend them to all of my clients. They are the best!

Tamala Huntley (@thuntley)

BlogVault has been my favorite and most reliable backup solution. I use it for my personal sites and recommend it all my clients who ask for WP backup services. I love the migration tool and test restore.

Puneet Sahalot (@puneetsahalot)

Just awesome and the most reliable backup service for your wordpress sites. On top of that, amazing customer support and fast replies via online chat and email.

Sejler (@sejler)

Something all wordpress bloggers would appreciate !

A BIG SHOUT OUT & for at BlogVault who’s helped me so much today. His WP Backup plugin is easy to use & his help is top notch!

I have the best suppliers – @blogvaultnet – always there to help. Cheers guys.

@blogVaultnet thanks for following. I still love your backup service and use it frequently.

@blogVaultnet thanks for following. I still love your backup service and use it frequently.

Backing up, moving or restoring WordPress…in one click? I do it all the time with this:
The customer service from @blogvault is FABULOUS. They have been a huge help to me – much appreciated!!

Jolanthe, @jolantheerb

If you have a blog and want to back it up, use . It just saved my entire blog from obliteration. Amazing service.
WOW, gotta love @blogvault – just restored a live @wordpress site, perfectly, one click, unbelievable!

Jason Hunt, @huntaround

Just recovered 2 websites using @blogvault. Incredibly easy works perfectly #wordpress #backup

My blog was blown out last week and I just got back thanks to the back up I had with the site: …

Niina, niinasecrets

Launched the brand-new version of with technical peace of mind thanks to & . Thanks Akshat & team!

Fear of Writing@fearofwriting

Wanted to go to bed much earlier, but tech guy messed up settings on the website. Thankfully Blogvault restored quickly:

Stephen is blown away with BlogVault. There are very few things a canny Scot is happy to pay for. #backup

Stephen Walker MS‏ @gonzoid

Run a Store? Your backups should not affect the site’s performance. But they do. Try ‘s real-time backups for that. Reviewed 👉
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