Top 8 WordPress Maintenance Services to Choose From

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Wordpress maintenance services

If you run an online business, you have to be on your toes pretty much all the time! And while focusing on your clients should be the most significant task of your day, ignoring your WordPress blog will not do you any good!

Maintaining your WordPress website is an important, yet time-consuming task. So, how do you manage your website, while also handling all aspects of your business efficiently? The solution – website management services.

8 Best WordPress website maintenance services

WordPress website maintenance services exist solely to free up your time so that you can focus on your business. Here are some of the well-known ones:

blogvault backup service

1. BlogVault

BlogVault is a backup and WordPress Website Management tool, loaded with features that will make your life more comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that you won’t have to spend hours maintaining your website anymore. Imagine how many new customers you could score because you can spend more time marketing and less time maintaining!

BlogVault has integrated website management that can take care of your website backups, WordPress plugins, security, staging/merging, client reporting and pretty much everything that you would require to manage your website efficiently.


Site Backup and restore: BlogVault is industry’s best backup and restore solution with 100% website recovery rate. You can easily automate it to take daily WordPress backups at a time specified by you.

Staging and Merging: BlogVault also offers free One-Click staging and merging with all BlogVault plans. You can try out that new plugin or feature without a worry on your staged site.

Multisite support: With multisite support, you can monitor all your sites from one place. And by monitoring, we mean check their uptime, performance and review them, all from a single tab.

User management: When you are working in teams, not every member requires the same level of access to the WordPress site. In fact, wouldn’t it be best if everybody’s level of access was based on their roles? With BlogVault’s user management feature, you can grant or restrict access to members of your team with ease.

White label: BlogVault’s white labelling solution allows you to rebrand the service with your brand name or hide it completely, too. This comes in real handy when you are managing multiple websites for clients and do not want to reveal the name of the service provider. That’s how flexible BlogVault is.

Reports: Client reporting is an essential part of website management for any WordPress developer or agency. However, this is a time-consuming task. One, that most WordPress developers struggle with. With BlogVault, you can easily generate on-demand reports and even schedule monthly reports that are insightful and present data in an engaging way! What more could you ask for?

Pricing: Plans start from $89/year which is only $7.4/month

wp buffs WordPress maintenance services
WP Buffs

2. WP Buffs

WP Buffs is another WordPress maintenance service that offers a wide range of powerful services. They take complete care of your website by offering daily backups, updating themes and plugins on a weekly basis. Whether it’s monitoring security or server uptime, they have got your back.


Security: WP Buffs have partnered with iThemes Security to ensure that your website is being protected round the clock. Access to the security plugin comes free of cost with the Perform or Protect Plan.

Speed optimization: They make sure that your website is fast and opens within a few seconds. Moreover, they ensure that your site is mobile responsive on all types of browser and window resolutions.

Updates: Keeping a WordPress website up-to-date is important but can be difficult given the number of updates rolling in every week. The maintenance service updates your website safely on a weekly basis.

Cloud Backups: The backups are stored on the cloud and not on your servers so that when your server crashes, you can still access your backups.

Emergency service: Crisis knows no time and isn’t bound by location. This is why WP Buffs are 24/7 (including weekends) ready to help out any customer who walks in through their door with a crisis looming over their heads.

Pricing: Plans start from $56/month billed annually. 

wp site care
WP Site Care

3. WP Site Care

WP Site Care, is a WordPress maintenance service provider that was launched in 2012 by Ryan Sullivan. It offers to ease your work and save your time by their services. It offers backups, maintenance, security and also SEO service to grow your traffic.


Customer support: WP Site Care provides you with exceptional customer support. It is their claim to fame because they are unmatched here.

Ticket resolution: Ticket response time is less than one hour. They guarantee it. So no more waiting for your issues to be fixed.

Walkie Talkie: A feature which does away with emails altogether and lets you contact support through your dashboard. Couple this with their customer support, and you get a truly powerful tool at your disposal.

Malware cleanup: WP Site Care provides WordPress security with Sucuri Site Check. They monitor your site 24/7 for malware and hacks making sure your website is secure. Cleaning will cost an additional $100 though.

Site management and WP Updates: They also help to assess faulty plugins, code errors in themes, large file sizes of images, any third party ad network slowing down your site, etc. This helps with ensuring the site is up to date and the loads faster.

Pricing: Plans for WP Site Care start from $79/month

access wp

4. AccessWP

AccessWP offers unlimited “small jobs.” Small jobs, according to them are anything which can be completed in 30 minutes or less. These include various jobs which are easy but end up consuming your time. When you have the option of getting it done from someone else, why not do that so you can focus on more important things?


WordPress updates: AccessWP will update your WordPress core to the latest version ensuring you have new features and security updates offered by WordPress

Plugin and theme updates: Outdated plugins pose a security risk as attackers try to exploit their vulnerabilities. AccessWP updates all your plugins and themes across all your websites.

Security monitoring: Security scan provided by Sucuri which will protect your site from malware and hackers

Daily cloud backups: If at all anything goes wrong with your site; they will restore it and have your site up and running in no time.

Email Support: Need any help regarding WordPress? Email them and they will help you with it. Great for WordPress beginners!

Here’s a full list if you want to check it out.

Pricing: Plans start from $99 per month

Brilliant Digital

5. Brilliant Digital

Brilliant Digital is a UK-based full service website agency, which specially designed care packages for WordPress sites. The idea is to take over the grunt work of maintaining your website, so that you can focus on marketing and growing your business. In addition to maintenance packages, you may also what to check out their other services like Google Ads management and photography. These services often go hand-in-hand with website development and maintenance, and it is useful to have them all under one roof.


Web hosting: Premium WordPress-optimised hosting for your site. Hosting is critical to site performance and security, so having a trusted source is like building a rock-solid foundation for your site.

Regular website backups: Backups are like insurance: you hope you never need them, but they are invaluable when you do. Brilliant provides two sets of backups as a fail-safe, so your site is doubly insured.

Website security: Brilliant uses advanced WordPress firewalls and regular scanning to protect your site from malware. Plus, they always have the fail-safe backups in case things get very bad.

WordPress core and plugin updates: Updates are both important and prone to causing errors on your site. Updates need to be done mindfully, so as not to cause downtime.

Additional website support: Need to add more pages, posts, or even change something quickly? Brilliant’s packages include built-in monthly allowances for that sort of work. It can be a boon if you are running a campaign and need a landing page in short order.

Pricing: Plans start from $67 per month; discounts available for regular customers.


6. WPLift

Like AccessWP, WPLift provides unlimited small jobs depending on your plan. What really differentiates WPLift from AccessWP is that WPLift offers services like daily backups, uptime monitoring, WordPress themes and plugins updates irrespective of which plan you choose.


24/7 Uptime Monitoring: 24/7 uptime monitoring will make sure that your website is ready to serve your customers whenever they log in. Get reports about your site performance in real time.

Monthly Reports: These reports explain in detail all the important things related to your site so you can take action.

One Year Free Hosting at That’s right, with any WPLift plan you get Inmotion hosting for 1 year absolutely free!

SEO Recommendations: Instead of having a separate SEO plugin, WPLift’s SEO recommendation will do the job for you! Just work on them and see your traffic soar.

eCommerce Site Support: eCommerce sites are more challenging than regular sites because you have to manage your products, promote them to market your site, etc. WPLift offers all its services and features for eCommerce sites so you can leave the maintenance to them and focus on all other aspects of your job.

Pricing: Plans start from $49/month


7. Maintainn

Maintainn is a wp website management plugin which offers many services which you might require for the smooth functioning of your website. It takes care of your site’s maintenance so that you are free to do other tasks.


Custom development service: Some times in your WordPress journey, it may happen that you need help for a task which is way out of your league or is too time-consuming for you. With Maintainn’s custom development service, you can ask them for any small or large (even enterprise level!) work for your website.

Expert Support button: After you sign up, Maintainn installs a support button on your dashboard. This way, whenever you need something repaired or have any query, small or big, press the button and get it resolved. Neat!

Daily Backups: It’s important to backup your site and Maintainn carries out daily automatic backups so you can restore your site if anything goes wrong.

Plugins and theme updates: Maintainn will update all your plugins and themes from a single dashboard with a click of a button.

WordPress core updates: Just like themes and plugins, Maintainn will update your WordPress core files to the latest version bringing you new features and security measures.

Pricing: Plans for Maintainn start from $49/month


8. TemplateMonster Services

TemplateMonster is a widely-popular marketplace where people can find thousands of ready-made solutions. Yet, it also provides multiple website services for both small businesses and big corporations. The team helps to install, design, edit, and add the necessary content to your online-project. It also assists in terms of website optimization, content writing, and marketing.


Website Creation Services: It is no doubt that many people want to stay away from all the difficulties connected with website-building. This service type includes such essential aspects as template installation and theme color change. In addition to this, the team adds your logo and activates a contact form. Based on the plan you choose, it is possible to get some additional help. As an example, these include adding content to pages, providing relevant images, and others.

Website Installation Service – Theme Setup: If you have no interest in installing the chosen theme, you can turn to this service. In such a way, the team installs a compatible CMS. Then, it also creates a database and uploads the necessary files to it. The service also includes template installation with adding sample data and activation.

Website Technical Support: Some people might face a challenge connected with a technical aspect of their websites. In this case, they can turn to these premium support services. One will get priority assistance through various channels (including emails, phone, and others). It is also possible to request a personalized consultation.

Pricing: Each service has its special price, as an example, the cheapest one costs $14. It is an SSL certificate creation. Prices of other services start from $49.

If you run an online business, you have to be on your toes pretty much all the time! The solution – website management services. Share on X

All the WordPress support and maintenance services have something to offer which sets them apart from the competition. It’s either a feature, their plans or how efficient they are at providing support. At BlogVault, we believe in empowering the website owners. That’s why we have made it so simple with one-click automatic daily backups, one-click restore (with 100% recovery rate!), one-click staging and site migration, one-click theme and plugin updating and even one-click malware removal!

The whole point of having a WordPress site maintenance plugin is saving time or hiring WordPress maintenance companies. Plus, at just $7.4/month, it’s a steal!

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