Tweet your WordPress Post automatically

Mar 23, 2015

Tweet your WordPress Post automatically

Mar 23, 2015

WP to Twitter

As soon as you have a new post ready on your website, it would be great to update your Twitter followers so that they can read the post. It is very convenient to be able to do this automatically whenever you have a new post. There are several WordPress plugins that provide this functionality. Let us take a look at one such plugin –“WP to Twitter”. This plugin can be searched and installed from the WordPress plugin repository.

This plugin connects your WordPress website to your twitter account so that a new post can be automatically tweeted. Once installed and activated, this plugin is ready to be configured with your Twitter API keys and Access tokens by creating a Twitter application.

WP to Twitter options

We shall see how to obtain the keys from the twitter applications registration page. Fill in the application name and your website URL (the Callback URL also needs to be the same) to create the twitter application.

Create an application

Your Twitter consumer keys will now be created. Please note that it should not be shared with anyone.

Twitter App settings

Here you can see that the default Access Level is “Read-only”. If you want your Website to post to Twitter automatically, you will need to have “Read-Write” permissions. Change this by clicking on “Change App Permissions” link or button above. Or you could do it from the “Permissions” tab as well. You can then create the access tokens by using the button – “Create my access token” at the end of the page.

Create Access Tokens

You will get the tokens displayed on the next page. This again should not be shared with anyone. Make a note of these tokens and keys and enter them on the WP to Twitter plugin settings on your dashboard.

Connect to Twitter

You have now successfully connected your website to Twitter. There is an option to shorten URLs as well. There are also advanced options to set up Google analytics, Add custom texts before or after tweets, chose not to send tweets by default etc. You can also select which category of posts you would like to publish.

Once the settings are saved, you will now see your posts beings updated on your Twitter account.

You can also change the settings using the metabox available on the right sidebar of your post editor. You can customise your Twitter post, or chose to not tweet this particular post.

sidebar options


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