Why is BlogVault The Best WordPress Database Backup Plugin for You?

Nov 30, 2017

Why is BlogVault The Best WordPress Database Backup Plugin for You?

Nov 30, 2017

WordPress database backup plugin

Why to use BlogVault?

Performing a full on digital marketing tasks isn’t any easy nut to crack, you got to have full on working plans and strategies for your product’s promotion. Luckily, technology is really fast now, and has too many solutions for your marketing to be faster and better.

Using wordpress for creating promotional sites is common between the entrepreneurs and website owners. Also it is one of the easiest way to get viewed on the online platform. What you need to do is to create an attractive site, telling about your products in details, then publish it on the internet, so that your customers can find it and know more about any product they are searching for.

In addition to it, I would like to talk about the important aspects of online promotion as well. Today’s world isn’t just about creating sites and publishing them, but it’s much more complicated than the front screen. This is the rule of digital marketing to let the customers feel the more comfort and the less problem with anything they are interacting with. And so, digital marketing has to go through problems like site downtime, site crash and hacking and protect it from getting in wrong hands.

The tools can help you out in this purpose too. Here I will let you know about BlogVault, that can help you out to solve all your site protection problems. But before that, you need to know about two things, What is Blogvault, and what are the problems I am talking about.

What is BlogVault?

BlogVault is a WordPress database backup plugin, which helps you in terms of backing up of data, restoring site and manipulating it as well. It is a tool that can solve all your requirements of having a problem-free and safe site and data as well.

Let’s see what are the problems associated with the making and promotion of site through digital marketing ways –

  1. Hosting issues

Everyone knows what I am talking about, it’s one of the most common site errors every website owner is frustrated with. Not having a good web host for your site can put you in problems like hosting issues, due to which your site’s data can go in problems. So your very first task is to save your site from hosting issues.

  1. Malware/Hacking problem

Hackers are everywhere, looking at your site, and trying to take the hold of it as well. So this can be a threat for your site, and in order to protect your data , you can take the help of the plugins like BlogVault, that will help you through creating backup and encrypted data. In this way, you will be easily able to protect your data from hackers.

  1. Server Crashes

One of the most irritating forms of site problems, it’s the crashing of your site and thus ruining of all your data in one single second. It is the best reason of having any backup wordpress plugin. With BlogVault, you can absolutely prevent the site crashing and thus the data present in it as well.

How Blogvault can help you out is here –

Here I will let you know about the best points that blogvault can help you to completely protect your data. Here are the best features that it provides…

  1. Daily Scanning

In order to prevent the malwares to disturb your site, you got to know that your site has got it it or not. BlogVault helps you to do daily automation scans, to identify whether your site is safe from any outsource virus/malware threats or not.  It even detects the complex hacks and false alerts as well. The ‘One-click Malware Removal’ is one of the best features for you to use.

  1.   Data Backup

Obviously, the data backup feature is the prime one for the sites to be fully secured and safe. Also it is the prime feature of BlogVault as well. You can take the whole backup of the data you have created. Data backups help to harden the site’s security. Even if your data crashes, you can get it back from the backup data. Also there are site encryption methods, through which you can easily encrypt your site and make it secure from any outside threats as well.

To take the backup of your data, simply click from the dashboard and enter the URL, followed by opening the site with your admin name and password. Your plugin will be installed in the site automatically, after which your backups will be initiated. For checking the progress, you can see the BlogVault dashboard.

  1. Site Restoration

You can also easily restore your site by using Blogvault, as it provides one-click wordpress restore option. So your data can be restored from any point you want to access it. Blogvault ease of accessibility will let you understand things with great ease. The awesome ‘Zero Configuration Setup’ will help you to easily sign in with your account and automatically it starts syncing your site’s data.

To perform site restoration through BlogVault, you can perform these steps –

  • Directly do it from the Backup module, this will restore the latest version for your site.
  • From the History tab under the Backup module.

In this way, you can restore your site.

  1. Performing Actions

Whatever you will be doing is going to be stored, whether it is history or tracking of the updates as well. You can’t risk any action to ruin your site. Therefore, its saving is necessary, data history ands tracking sheet lets you know about the works that you have performed in the early days. Also you can update your favorite plugins and themes in your site as well.  Blogvault lets you perform the basic actions as well as some of the complex ones like data migration and staging.

So in all these ways, you can use BlogVault for protecting your site. It will be a very good tool for managing the user roles in the site. You can regulate access to your site efficiently. All in all, the main motive of BlogVault is to make collaboration pain free and productive as well.

In the end, I would like to say that now its upto you that which kind of backup plugin will suit your requirements. Well, in my opinion, BlogVault is the best option for you, it will not only make your wordpress website secure, but will also help you to make a well maintained wordpress website, perform the tasks in an easy way and get better results as well.

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