A Journey on Why WordPress Backup and Security Is Important?

Oct 14, 2017

A Journey on Why WordPress Backup and Security Is Important?

Oct 14, 2017


Do you have a WordPress site? If yes, then it is important to remain up-to-date regarding the most excellent security measure with the main goal to shield your site and information from any dangers.

There are definitely many website owners who are nagging about the security of WordPress.

According to my opinion, an open source content is powerless against a wide range of threats. However, if we think practically, we also need to consider in a different way. Suppose it’s valid partially, yet none of us can blame WordPress.

Why can’t we blame the WordPress? Whose fault is it that your site got hacked? As a site proprietor, there are a few duties that you need to deal with. Henceforth the major question always depends on what you are going to do to save your site from being hacked?

Today organizations of all sizes are not safe due to the increase in threats. Over 90,978 attacks occur every minute on an approximate. Luckily, there are several methods used to protect the WordPress site. One of the most popular solutions among all is using WordPress Backup and Security plugins.

How To Manually Work On WordPress?

WordPress a web application in view of PHP and MySQL and thus you have to take backup of all the documents and its database as an alternative to your site. The simplest approach to duplicate your documents is by means of FTP. Ensure that you spare all the documents and organizers in the catalog WordPress that is introduced into your site.

The WordPress database can be moved down to some other database. Just take after the directions in our instructional exercise on the most proficient method to backup MySQL databases. In fact, if you have numerous MySQL databases and you ponder which one your site is utilizing, open the wp-config.php record in the WordPress root organizer and you’ll see the database name spared by the DB_NAME alternative.

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WordPress… Is it Secure?

The question about WordPress security will definitely arise in everyone’s mind, as the hackers are around frequently trying to infiltrate WordPress sites. Even while there are several limitations, WordPress is secure.

The team working for the security of WordPress are diligent enough to stop all kinds of vulnerabilities that surface inside the WordPress center. Security patches are incorporated into center updates that are released reliably on a regular basis. For instance, there are times where they have fixed in less than 40 minutes of a vulnerability disclosure.

But the condition is that you have to stay up-to-date with the WordPress in order to apply all the security fixes that are taken off. Luckily, through a couple of clicks, updates can be promoted consequently or physically. You can likewise put off the automated updates. But at the same time, you also need to run the tests that are comparable in advance.

But the most practical and the basic actions that you can utilize to improve the security of your site is keeping it up-to-date. Each and every other method you apply is also important, yet it won’t benefit you in any way if the WordPress itself is vulnerable.

Here are a few tactics that can help you to secure your WordPress Website –

  1. A Stable Login Page That Avoids Violent Attacks

Despite the fact that every individual is aware of the standard WordPress login page URL (domain-name/wp-login.php or domain-name/wp-admin/), hackers make an attempt to make a dangerous threat as the backend of the website is accessed from the main URL.

So I would recommend you to customize your login page URL along with the page’s interaction.  

You might think why one should customize their WordPress Plugin?

Brute force attack is the most common type of hacking on WordPress. In this type of attack, hackers try to get inside of your website/blog by attempting various usernames and passwords. There are many ways that assist you to prevent brute force attacks. One of the major steps you can take to reduce the  chances of getting attacked is by changing the WordPress admin login page URL

Tip: Steps You should follow to Customize your Login page URL.

The simplest way to change your Login URL is by installing, activating, and configuring a security plugin to your WordPress site.

With this, you’ll be able to change

  1. /wp-admin/ to /admin/
  2. /wp-login.php to /login/
  3. /wp-login.php?action=register to /register/
  4. Change URL according to the page you select in the plugin settings

Before we move ahead, I would recommend you to understand the WordPress Security options before you make any changes in the settings section. Have a discussion with your host before you take on any unusual step that you aren’t sure off. Follow all the instructions for Better WordPress Security and updating of your Dashboard options.

1 Step: Take a complete backup of your site. Once you’ve completed taking the backup, verify it before you move to the next step.

2 Step: Install and activate a WordPress Security Plugin is best for your site. Ensure that the features are good enough to manage your Login URL.

3 Step: Install and Setup a WP security plugin. Once the setup is ready,        

  1. Open wp-admin or wp-login options page
  2. Create the backup selection
  3. Allow the security plugin to change WP core files
  4. Click “Secure My Site From Basic Attacks” button.    
  5. Click the “Hide” tab.
  6. Check the “Enable Hide Backend” box.    
  7. Enter your desired register, login, and admin pages or leave them at the security plugin’s defaults of “register”, “login”, and “admin”.        
  8. Click “Save Changes”.

And that’s it. And not to forget, follow the above steps so that you can easily change your Login URL.

  1. It Is Also Important That You Protect Your Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard which is the most protected section of all is also one of the most engaging parts for a hacker. Thus, for a hacker, assaulting the most grounded part is the biggest challenge. If succeeded, then it’s a moral triumph and they utilize this source to do lots of damage in your website.  

  1. Protect Your Database

Dealing with your database is the most crucial part as the majority of your site’s information and data is stored in there. So do you think that your Database is protected?

Well…, moving ahead!!!

While I spoke about the WordPress security and how you can keep your WordPress site, a secure one, let’s also take a look at the WordPress backup.

A backup for your site is always essential in case something goes wrong. Let’s cover up at the useful ways to backup your WordPress website.

Why is Backup Necessary for your WordPress Site?

Internet threats are increasing. And yet, you might have heard about why you need to take backups of your site in your external devices. Threats on the website have been really hard and thus Backing up your website helps you to safeguard against those threats.

A regular backup of your website is vital and thus all website owners are aware of it. It is important to be serious about the threats that are occurring in the present world of internet. As an owner of the website(s) you cannot be ignorant on hackers or mistakes that are occurred internally.

Taking backup is helpful in certain ways. Here is why is taking a backup important,

  1. Threat from the Hackers
  2. A Catastrophe in your computer
  3. When your updates go wrong
  4. Viruses, trojan and other malware can hit your PC
  5. An error occurred by an employee due to negligence     

How To Backup Your WordPress Site With BlogVault?

You might have come across your clients or friends complaining about the nasty run they had with the hackers. Hackers can slash of your website with DDOS attacks and as a security precaution, the web host can shut your site down for a couple of days. It can definitely be a frustrating one. But if you are lucky enough to have a backup, then it’s easy to tuck away with working safely and seal off the security hole, hit the restore button and just like that, come back in business.

What would you do if you lost your website(s) to hackers, how would you return?

I’ve experienced getting hacked sometime recently. Since I didn’t have a backup solution that I could depend on, I had to reconstruct my site from the scratch with no outside help.

Regardless of whether you lose your webpage to the terrible folks or break something because of a mistake occurred manually, you can just depend on a solid backup solution for recovering and reestablish your site to its previous magnificence. This is the place BlogVault, the subject of this long audit comes in.

The BlogVault benefit assumes control from that point, and you can backpedal to the same old thing. You don’t need to affirm messages and so forth, simply begin moving down your website from the Blogvault dashboard.

BlogVault is basically a Backup service solution. It is a very simple solution that can be made use of.  A robust backup solution, Blogvault will help organisations of all sizes.

After you’ve joined BlogVault, you’re instantly provided with a dashboard that will help you manage your site. With the help of BlogVault, you can schedule your backups automatically for your whole site. This helps you to save the storage space in your server as the backup will be saved in the off-site server. Even if you’re not logged into BlogVault, the backups will run unnoticed.

BlogVault a unique service that can be utilized in a progressive way to deal with your website by taking backup frequently. BlogVault looks at your site and makes a comparison with all the old Backups and saves your time by restoring with the latest version flawlessly.

Wrapping up

We’re all human by the day’s end, and the activity of frameworks by admin, particularly when overburdened with spam, can be really challenging. This is the reason why backups and security exists. Every time your site goes down or information is lost you can simply rely on BlogVault.

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