“Customer is king!” they say, and rightly so. The main purpose of setting up an eCommerce store is to make your products accessible to the users. Every store owner constantly strives to enhance the end user experience and create on-going relationships with the customers. Maintaining a customer information database plays a crucial part in achieving this goal. Having the customer’s contact, shopping pattern, order history, etc. enables you to tailor your marketing strategy effectively. You can create coupons, schedule sales, send out updates on new arrivals, and much more. For an end user, on the other hand, having an account means faster checkout. Since all the billing/ shipping addresses are in place, precious time is saved. It also makes it easier to track current orders and view order history.

WooCommerce offers a host of options related to user registration. You can enable registration either on the Checkout or My Account pages. I prefer to go with the Checkout page since it blends in with the rest of the process without having to go to a different page just to create a login.

The account creation itself is a simple task of checking a box and keying in a password. You have the option of automatically generating the username as well as the password. Not all users would be interested in creating an account. Having a mandatory account creation in place can be a big turn off in such cases. The checkbox allows users to proceed with shopping without having to login or creating an account. This is what we popularly refer to as Guest Checkout.

Ever wondered where the registered users are stored? Just like any WordPress user, the customer registrations are also saved in the wp_users table of your WordPress database. We’d advise you to take backups so that you don’t lose your registered users when something happens to your website.

With that we’ve covered all the wooCommerce customer registration settings. Go ahead and feel free to play around with them to figure out what works best for your site.  If you have any suggestions/ queries, please drop me a note.

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