WordPress 3.8 – “Parker”

Dec 13, 2013

WordPress 3.8 – “Parker”

Dec 13, 2013

WordPress released its version 3.8 today, named “Parker”, in honor of Charlie Parker. It is available for download or as an update from your WordPress dashboard.

The highlights of this new release are:

  1. Admin design – The best ever design for the WordPress admin site.

  2. Admin color scheme – Introduces eight new colorful admin skins.

  3. Theme management – Themes at a glance; larger thumbnails make it easier for users to glance through the themes.

  4. Widget management – New click-to-add interface.

  5. Dashboard – A fresh, uncluttered design; eight widgets have been cut down to four.

  6. Twenty fourteen – A magazine style designed theme named after the coming year.

For more details, take a quick peek here.

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