Affordable Black Friday Gift Ideas For WordPress Geeks

Nov 17, 2019

Affordable Black Friday Gift Ideas For WordPress Geeks

Nov 17, 2019

You must be surprised to find an article on gift ideas on our blog. As a rule of thumb, at BlogVault we mainly stick to writing about WordPress backups and security. And every time we write an article, our first and foremost intention is to offer valuable content that enables readers to keep their website safe and their online identities unharmed.

This holiday season, however, we thought we’d offer valuable content of a different kind.

Holidays are time for celebration and following our tradition of adding value to the lives of our readers, we’ve decided to zoom out of the niche we generally write on and give you a hand at shopping. We are hoping to add value to your celebration by doing the heavy lifting for you. We have collated a list of the gift ideas that you can utilize. 

Let’s dig right into some of the really attractive Black Friday deals that you can lay your hands on.

Don’t let the deals slip through your fingers!


👉 Gift Ideas For Family

Starting the list with family because holidays are a time for showing gratitude. And generally, families top the list of people you are grateful to have in your life. 

🛠️ Tools for Building Websites

If you are anything like us, you’d encourage your partner and kids to learn to build WordPress websites. It’s one of the most useful skills they can cultivate and utilize. Building a website is something that a lot of people have on their mind but they need a little push to take the plunge. Get your partner or kids (or both) hosting packages and a few interesting themes and plugins to play around with.

During Black Friday you’ll get great deals from hosting providers and theme and plugin developers. We have collated a list of over 100 best WordPress Black Friday deals that offers up to 85% OFF on tools that’ll help your partner or kids start building websites. Feel free to check it out and remember to grab the deals before they expire.  

👩‍💻 MacBook Screen Protector

Since you are encouraging your family to spend time in front of the screen, you should also ensure that they remain healthy while doing that. You can get them “anti-glare” screen protectors for laptop or monitor to relieve eye strain. You can encourage them to workout. On the occasion of Black Friday, you can also get them gym passes to help counter the sedentary lifestyle they could be stepping into. That said, we haven’t encountered Black Friday deals at local gym centers but if you look around, you can find discounts on popular fitness apps.


wordpress gift ideas black friday

Audible Black Friday Discount


📚 Grab Some WordPress Audiobooks

You’d surprised but there are quite a few WordPress related audiobooks on Audible. You can learn to build a website from scratch or just to design a website using the best development methods. This Black Friday new subscribers can get 3 months of Audible for just $6.95/month for the first 3 months and end up saving 53%. Get a subscription and gift some of these audiobooks to your family.

This could be a beginning of a journey which ends up with turning your family into WordPress geeks! Jokes apart, if your kids or partner loves books but struggles to find the time to read then Audible is the perfect solution.


👉 Gift Ideas For Friends 

Next in the list of gratitude comes friends who’ve been with you through thick and thin. We’ve got a few gift ideas for them.

✌️ Gift Ideas for Fellow Entrepreneurs

When it comes to buying gifts for friends, people generally go something that helps make memories like a framed picture, but if your friends are entrepreneurs, we’d suggest going for something useful. Things that they can utilize in their offices like Indoor Smart Security Camera and Bose Home Speaker that comes with built-in voice control. There are plenty of Office decor on Amazon. On Black Friday, you can grab them for hefty discounts. 

🚀 Upping the Entrepreneurs Game

Another gift idea for a friend could be gifting the a course creation programme. Mariah Coz has crafted an interesting course creation program called Accelerator where entrepreneurs learn to creat and sell online courses. It’s ideal for the self-motivated entrepreneur who wants to transition to an online course model. But it’s also useful if you want to add a new kind of revenue stream to an existing business. At the moment you can subscribe to the Black Friday bundle waitlist and save up to $2000 for the Accelerator program.


wordpress gift ideas black friday

Black Friday Discount For Entrepreneur


👉 Gift Ideas for the Geek In You

In the midst of buying gifts for your near and dear ones, don’t forget about yourself. Holiday’s are a season of giving and it also means giving to yourself. We’ve got some gift ideas for you too!

🎧 Apple AirPod Pro For Better Focus

If you are looking to splash and indulge this year then a pair of new Apple AirPod Pro is the trendiest gift to go for. Whether you are working on a new plugin or developing a new website for a client, the last thing you need is to get distracted. The perfect solution for this is to put on a good pair of earphones and crank up the volume. AirPods Pro are currently full-priced pretty much everywhere, but we are hoping for marginal discounts on Amazon over the next few weeks.

🖥️ Bigger Monitor For Better Experience

If you want to spend on yourself then let’s indulge big. Upgrade your monitor and get yourself a big screen. The latest model of Samsung 65-Inch QLED 8K Q900 Series is available at a flat 40% OFF on Amazon. A bigger moniter will enable comfortable viewing experience and add to your productivity. It’s perfect for those who like to maximize their productivity by using better tools.


Searching for gift ideas? Here's a list of the BEST GIFT IDEAS for WordPress geeks. Limited period offer. Grab them while they last! Click To Tweet


👉 Gift Ideas For Your Own WordPress Site

For anyone who runs WordPress websites, Black Friday sales are a perfect time to get MUST-HAVE tools at LOWER PRICES!

💾 Your Website’s Get-Out-of-Jail Ticket

If you’ve been running WordPress websites for a while then you’d probably know how it feels to lose everything you’ve been working on for weeks and months on end. Whether you’ve experienced such a mishap or not, it’s best to take measures to prevent losing your work. BlogVault Backup Solution is a perfect solution to this problem.

BlogVault is the Most Reliable WordPress Backup & Restore Plugin. It comes with a Free Offsite Staging site. It’s your get-out-of-jail ticket when things go south. This Black Friday, Grab a NEVER BEFORE flat 40% discount on all its annual plans. Applicable only to new users.


wordpress gift ideas black friday

BlogVault Black Friday Discount


👮 Your Website’s Personal Chaperone

When we create a website, many don’t pay heed to security because there is a notion that hackers only target large and popular sites. That’s a myth. In fact, hacker prefers small and medium-sized websites because such websites are lax about their security measures. Whether you have a small website or a big one, you’ll need to protect it from hackers and bots. MalCare Security Services will help you do just that but better than anyone else. 

MalCare is the Only WordPress Security Plugin that lets you Remove Malware Instantly in 60 secs. It comes with Daily Malware Scanner & a Powerful Firewall plugin. This Black Friday, Grab a NEVER BEFORE flat 40% discount on all its annual plans. Applicable only to new users.


In conclusion

We will be updating the article as we get nearer to Black Friday. We are also going to include more gift ideas as we find more products on sale. Bookmark this page and watch out this space for more gift ideas.

Happy Black Friday Folks!

WordPress Black Friday Gift Ideas
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