Merge Feature Walk-through

What is Merging?


Staging allowed you to create a duplicate website to test any changes in plugins, themes or code, without worrying about breaking your site. Merging is essentially a Power Up to Staging. Merge allows you to migrate the changes made on the staging site to your live site.


How to perform BlogVault Merge for your website?


1. Staging

You can learn how to Stage your website here Stage your site and perform all the changes in content, links and plugin, theme or code updates and installations.


2. Click Merge to Production

On the BlogVault Dashboard, under the Staging section, you will find the Merge to Production option. Click this to begin the Merging process.


3. See the Differences between the Staging site and the Production site

The modified tables files on the list are already sorted under categories such as plugin, theme, core, uploads, and others, making it easy to review the changes. Additional information such as versions of each of your plugins and themes is also provided.

a. The files marked in Red have been Deleted in your Staging site.

b. The files marked in Green have been Changed in your Staging site. Site Title/ URL.

c. The files marked in Blue have been Updated in your Staging site.





4. View the modified file modifications

You can view changes made to individual files, thus allowing you to review the file line by line. We don’t miss even a single change in the files on your staging site.




5. Select the files which need to be merged

Select the files, plugins, themes, and tables you want to migrate to the live site. This prevents any unwanted files from being copied to your live site.

6. Merge Completed!

Visit your live site and you will see all the files you approved on your live site.

Your site will continue to merge even as you exit the browser.


Check out the demo video

To recap:

1.Stage your site and make changes
2.Click Merge under Staging section on BlogVault Dashboard
3.Check Differences between staging site and production site
a.View the modified file modifications
b.Selective Migration through tables to be migrated
4.Merging Completed


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