WordPress Plugin to Add Categories to Pages

Categories and Tags are very useful to group content on your WordPress site and help you in locating information easily. By default, you can add Categories and Tags only for WordPress Posts and not for Pages. However, it would be very convenient to support these for Pages as well in order to better organize your content.

While enhancing the support and documentation for our site, we were faced with a situation where some of the content was in the form of Posts and some others as Pages. Our intent was to have a single repository, called the Learning Center, that will have an organized list of all the tutorials, how-to guides and all other documentation on our site. In order to do this, we need to have a way of grouping all the content, Posts and Pages alike and organize them. Posts already supported Categories and if we can extend the same support to Pages, our life will be much easier. Hence we set out in our search to find a plugin that would do this for us.

Let us list our requirement for the plugin:

  • Add Categories to Pages

  • Add Tags to Pages

  • Connect Posts to Pages based on shared Categories or Tags

  • Easy to use

The Candidate List

On searching for “Categories for Pages” from the Plugins panel of the Admin Dashboard, we were met with more than 2000 results. We’ve already covered the basic criteria for choosing the right WordPress Plugin (add cross-link). Based on these factors, we could narrow down the list to the following:

What better way to zero in on the right plugin that testing each one on our site? So let’s do a deep dive into each of the plugins and see how they work.

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