You asked, and we listened.

Six months ago, we started working on something that a lot of you have been asking for!
Today, we are excited to officially release the much-awaited Staging feature on BlogVault. Were you hesitating to try out that interesting looking new update or plugin? Scared of crashing your website?

BlogVault Staging to the rescue!

With the new Staging feature you can create a duplicate site – a stage, if you will. Here you can make and test any changes in plugins, themes or code, without worrying about breaking your site.

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Re-design your website

Have you ever wanted to try out new themes or plugins?
Were you curious about the latest WordPress core code?
Were you worried it would affect your live site?
This feature is for you!

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One-click WordPress Staging

Tend to make last minute changes on your live site?
We’ve all been there. Don’t miss out on the chance to stage your site and make quick fixes with just one-click!

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Works for All Sites Regardless of Web Host

It doesn’t matter if your web host is unknown; whether you are a developer, site owner or WordPress enthusiast, BlogVault will help you experiment with your site easily.

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Test changes in Staging before going live!

More than 70% broken links on the internet are found after going live.Fix those pesky bugs, performance issues, and other critical issues before you push any code into your production environment.

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No addons, no additional charges, no hidden cost.

Inclusive of BlogVault backup and restore solution,Staging is here for your convenience! When you register with us, you get a lifetime access to all services and features.

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Secure Unlimited Storage Space

Is your site WooCommerce enabled or a heavy photography site? That’s okay! Just as with BlogVault Backup and Migrations,your data is safely stored on BlogVault servers.

The best part of Staging is, any modifications made here, do not affect your original website. You can directly transfer the performed changes onto your live site based on your preferences.

Next Steps >>>

  • Check out how to use the Staging feature in BlogVault  from here.
  • Try Staging on the BlogVault Dashboard Now.
  • You can always get in touch with us from here or also email us at
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