Have you tried the new WP Fanfiction plugin yet?

Dec 3, 2014

Have you tried the new WP Fanfiction plugin yet?

Dec 3, 2014

WP fanfiction

We are pleased to announce that one of our esteemed customers, Fandom Entertainment, has released their own plugin that turns your WordPress site into an online writing community – WP Fanfiction and Writing Archive Basic

The WP Fanfiction and Writing Archive Basic plugin is available for free in the WordPress Plugin Directory. The plugin turns WordPress sites into online writing communities for fanfiction, longread, education, magazines, and more. Writers can create single stories or books with chapters to share with readers. It provides powerful search and terrific tools for both writers and readers. The plugin comes with added features such as front-end posting, search, browsing, and other useful widgets.

A premium version is also available that has been specially designed for larger communities of writers. The premium version includes advanced features like integrated Twitter API for auto-tweet of new submissions, advertising code for embedded ads, private messaging between members, and age verification. The plugin has been developed such that you reap the best SEO benefits.

Two additional plugins can be added to either the Basic or Premium versions of the plugin. The WP Fanfiction and Writing Archive Favorites plugin allows readers to follow favorite stories or writers and opt in or out of email notification of updates. The WP Fanfiction and Writing Archive Author Profile plugin gives authors a profile page linked to from every story they post. Readers are able to private message authors from their profile page. All the 3 plugins are ideal for any online community that invites members to submit their own stories, ideas, reviews, recipes, and more.

WP Fanfiction and Writing Archive Premium, Favorites, and Author Profile are all available here. The company is offering a discount of 25% through December 31, 2014 to celebrate the release of the new plugins. Use the discount code write25 to receive 25% discount on purchases.

If you want to use the plugin, we strongly suggest taking a complete website backup before installing the plugin on your site. Plugins are known to cause compatibility issues that can break your site. If anything goes wrong, you can quickly restore your backup.

Happy Writing!


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